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    It really is too bad - I do appreciate the free version and would be happy to pay something reasonable for a non-commercial license, but there's a huge jump between free and entry-level...
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    Yeah, I don't get the logic here.

    Treating your customers this terribly is only going to hurt your bottom line.

    Some of the people in charge need a good thwump upside the head.  They say there's no such thing as bad publicity but I very much disagree.  TV is going to take it on the chin on this one.


    So easy to remedy and yet they seem content with tarnishing their name and losing potentially a vast sum of money.



  • HELP
    I am being mistaken as a commercial account
    I am retired and I stay in touch with friends
    please remove my block
  • I'm perplexed with this post. TV no longer provides a free version. Hundreds of users are stuck by this decision. When one user suggests a replacement I see this:

    Switch to [removed by moderator]

    Why, if TeamViewer no longer supports these hundreds of users would you not allow advice on someone who does support the community? I've been using TV for years. Suddenly shut off. Two tickets have gotten zero response. It's very frustrating and apparently Moderator isn't one to help.

  • Well after about 4 weeks I finally got an email response to my ticket. It said they "believed me" and were resetting my account. I explained in the ticket that I need to log into a home computer from work. The email said they "believed me" and have reset my account to personal. YAH!!

    So I tried it and it worked - once. The second time I got a warning. The 3rd time it would not even try to connect. I wrote back and said thanks, but if logging into my home computer from work constitutes "Commercial Use" and my account is going to be automatically blocked after TV has reviewed my ticket and decided that my use, which I FULLY described (including that I initiate remote sessions from WORK) is OK, then please confirm this and don't even bother resetting my account, as I will be deleting TV from all of my machines, as it is of no use to me. I don't need to remote into my home computer from my home, I need to remote in from my work, or hotel, or wherever I may be working. But my access is still for PERSONAL use. I explained this, waited 4 weeks, and was told OK I am good to go. Then I was cut off immediatly after. I am done. with TV.

    Oh - and a note to TV management (or whoever reads these threads) - I work for a large entertainment company that designs and builds cutting edge audio-video systems for theme parks and other high dollar clients all over the world. We use paid TV licenses to remote access video and control servers at these locations. We recommend TV to our clients. Guess who makes technical decisions like what remote access program to use, and recommend to our very large clients. That's right... I do!! And I can assure you that after the way that my little free account that I use to keep an eye on my personal computer at home has been handled, Team Viewer just lost my company's business, and I will spread the word to our clients the world over to NOT depend on Team Viewer. We will be using and recommending another option.

    All you guys had to do was reset my account, and let me log into my home computer from work, which I told you I was doing and was told was OK. 3 strikes... BYE BYE TV


  • Just going to leave this here...

    "According to 18 USCS § 31, term "used for commercial purposes" means the carriage of persons or property for any fare, fee, rate, charge or other consideration, or directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other undertaking intended for profit."

    Myself, and I'm sure countless others were NOT making a profit at all from TV. This is clearly just a tactic to purge all the free users.
  • try using **third party product**

    its free and awesome

  • thnx


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    How long does this take to verify? This is really annoying I didn't even get a courtesy mail when I sent a request. I've been using Teamviewer for years on this same work PC & have never been bumped off for this. Why now? This is personal use.

  • Wouldnt hold your breath, start looking at better alternatives

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    I'm just going back to **Third Party Product** as it now has all the functionally of Teamviewer & actually works with my mouse buttons unlike Teamviewer, so good riddance I guess.

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    Well, it just started happening to me while I'm remoting to my own personal PCs within my own local network. Yeah that's "Commercial Use". I tried emailing the old support email: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear TeamViewer Customer, We are continuously working to optimize the way we handle your requests. Which is why we have discontinued the usage of the support email address: [email protected] We now have a form on our website, solely dedicated to handling all your requests: Please use this form for any future request to TeamViewer. For readily available tips and ongoing expert discussions on TeamViewer-related issues, please join us on our community and be part of the global TeamViewer Community. Thanks for understanding. Your TeamViewer Support Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So we cannot directly email them, and from what I gather; - Submitting tickets are reserved for Business Customers only. - Calling them results with Team Viewer employees terminating the calls. **bleep**ing off your users isn't the way to win over actual business. If anyone knows some good alternatives, please message me.
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    It seems to have been resolved, working now.

  • Nope
  • This could be Advantageous, it usually takes something like this to look elsewhere and you find alternatives that are actually better, started to try a few now. Problem is my elderly father who can use a computer but isnt technically minded and the kids who are getting there but gets stuck when they go wrong, so I need remote access whether I am working away or for whatever reason I am not on my local network hence remote access. where I work has a corporate licenced version and even they are now looking at alternatives. As I work in the industry I will be recommending a different solution from now on
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    Looks like they are trying to get that number down from 1.5 billion to a few hundred million. Actually that's only partly true. The 1.5 billion IDs will remain; it's just that only a fraction of them will still be active.
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    Problem is that the built-in Win-10 alternative does not work on Win-10 Home and a couple of my home computers use that.

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    Given the hundreds of non-commercial users that have been denied promised free services maybe it's time for a class action lawsuit.

    I've gone through their form submission twice without even a reply. Clearly they don't even pay attention to their own forum. 

  • I feel team viewer support is using TV and they are getting knocked out of the session before they can review the tickts hence they take 1month revert. They promise 5 mins of viewing the system after detection of commercial license and they give just 1 minute of connection thats all. 


    I think TV is following "eat your own dog food" methong to understand the problem and which they don't want to fix :-P :-D

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    +1 for the message pop-up yesteday.

    I was really surprised as well,I;ve been using this for +4 years (i think) and always to help out my family when their computers go crazy.

    As of now I have not experience any of the disconnects people are mentioned, and I'm happly using TV (just connecto to home to set up a steam download).

    Anyway, I would be one of those willing to support TV if the licesing prices were cheaper. Its to expensive to pay 30 dolars a month to connect to my family computer and update anti-virus software, etc... Especially since my goal is not connect at all and keep everything running smoothly for the longest time...

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    I keep seeing suspicions about using it for personal use. Session limits are also enforced. It is often difficult to use because it is inconvenient. It seems that support is not fast, it is in English only, and there is no support organization.

    I was affectionately using it, but the image is getting worse because of the suspicion problem. If you know how to solve it, please help.


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    Just give up, guys!

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    Hello, my computer is for commerial users, how to cancel

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    I actually work in I.T consulting. In an upcoming project, I was going to propose teamviewer company wide to a client. Just what's happening here shows lack of care from my perspective from TeamViewer's Management. I've proposed TeamViewer in the past, but that's over until I see change. It just doesn't make sense to insult your user base. I prefer to work with the businesses I can build a relationship with.
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    I get it now folks. This hubris is caused by Self-serving Corporatism, as long as the cash keeps rolling in, they just don't care about the bottom few percent who happen to be the ones that helped get them started. They realized that they're big enough that they don't need good public relations any more. 

    I can see the Board Room discussion now. "OK, the free licences got us going and we're firmly established now but it's time to get rid of those pesky fools. Start denying access, give them a form to fill out and then NEVER ANSWER IT. HA, HA, HA, HA."  Also, provide a forum where they can vent but don't read it except to censor any competitor references. And don't tell them that wiki has a Comparison of remote desktop software. That might start a trend that costs us millions. 

    Time for this Sisyphus to move on too but I will be telling my corporate contacts. 


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    Uggh, its doing it again on one PC at work but not the one I'm using now, same Win7 OS (not server) for personal use, oddly it kicked me out after I started to play a Youtube clip, I don't know if that was a fuke &/or why this might constitute commercial usage, this is really annoying though as its isolated to the PC I use most at work.


  • Hi

    I unsderstand that there is a form that I can complete that I am not using commercially. Where can I find that form?



  • @DaveYVR wrote:


    I will be urging my clients and colleagues away from TeamViewer.

    The reason is due to this recent message I received from TeamViewer installed on my personal computers:

    "Sorry for the Interruption, your usage level has crossed the FREE user allowance. To continue using TeamViewer, you'll need to upgrade to a business solution"

    I am sorry to have to go this direction, but I feel I have supported TeamViewer over the years as a good product. I have suggested it to my clients and friends. And I have used it as an employee in commercial settings with a valid commercial license, as well as my personal life.

    I use Dropbox in a commercial setting, and feel it is worth what I pay for it on a monthly basis. I gladly pay the fee, since I am legitimately using it for commercial purposes.  And their FREE limits were clearly stated at the beginning, and are not subject to being pulled if you reach the limit of space. So I can interact with family and friends on the same platform that I do business on.

    Your practice of growing your business using Free licenses is a valid one. Not being upfront and transparent that there are time limits, as Dropbox is, and pulling ALL access if the limit is exceeded, is not. And when I started using TeamViewer more than 10 years ago, I am somewhat certain these restrictions were not part of your business plan. The onus to provide clear rules is on the contract writer, not the reader. This is what courts expect, and support, and should be at the back of anyones mind who writes agreements or contracts, whether on a web page Free license agreement or on paper. A contract is not law and can be invalidated in a court. You should be clear and upfront on your Free license as is expected by any reasonable court or person.

    I am grateful for the free use. However, my issue comes with the time and effort I have spent learning your software, installing it to manage various personal computers and family member computers, and then having the rug pulled out from under me after all this time investment.

    You have the majority of the market share at the moment. But if you keep pulling free licenses, those users are often employees of companies who use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, and there will inevitably be some blowback. In my case, I estimate that license to be over 10,000 seats for my employer (about half the employees), and countless more for our close colleagues and clients.  This is in addition to lost sales from lack of future recommendations.  I will recomend in the future that they look for alternatives to TeamViewer in good competitor products who would welcome larger clients. It would be resonable to understand that some of us do have direct lines to the IT managers and CTOs for larger regions such as Eastern North America and parts of South America, if not world wide.

    In this day of social media, I am very surprised that your current tactics are those that were used in the past 2 decades, and have since rejected by most of the major tech companies who realised the effect of blowback on their shareholders. 

    I would be very open to you contacting me to discuss this if you feel my assessment is unfair.



    Thanks David,

    You said it better and more elequotely than I can. They did this to me August 24, 2018 for the first time. I also will use other software. They did not provide any information as to what my free limits are or how they are determined. It appears to be corporate greed has manifested itself at top management of Team Viewer.