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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • bbalzer
    bbalzer Posts: 1

    I've been using TeamViewer to connect from my laptop to my desktop occassionally and as of yesterday I can't connect for more than a few minutes because TeamViewer thinks I'm using it commercially. 

    The only other time I've used TeamViewer is to help my Grandma with her 'computer problems' because she's a few hours away from where I live and driving that far to fix a zoom in problem in Outlook is not fesible and TeamViewer has been great to help her out until lately.

    Is it possible to get my account changed back to personal?  Or do I need to create a new account every so often to prevent this? 

    Please help.

  • haushinka
    haushinka Posts: 1

    I'm having the same issue. I've never used it commercially but I have logged into my home computer to download movies and stuff while at work. I've always done this with no problem but I guess there's some kind of automatic flagging. I'd like to resolve this as it's definitely not used commercially. My company actually uses a competitor for work-related

  • Gmat
    Gmat Posts: 1

    I am having this same exact issue. Just casually have TeamViewer installed to help troubleshoot my personal desktop and its flagging me as commercial license and boots me after less than a minute. How do I go back to personal use?

  • bc2801
    bc2801 Posts: 1

    im having the same issue is only for personal use i login to my computer at home to browse sites that are block on my network at work, and im not using it for commercial use. what is happening why are they doing this i need this issue to be resolved soon. 

  • BigBillSD
    BigBillSD Posts: 3

    I just got **bleep** by TV starting yesterday.  I am traveling in my RV and need to connect to my home pc's to check on the DVR and Blue Iris machines, and occationally my home pc.  Now TV appears to be trying to extort money from me by saying I am a commercial user, of which i am NOT.  Is this a bug or are they having money problems and need to start extorting money from us personal users now? 

    I have used this program for a few years since retiring and traveling in my RV.  Nothing has changed on any of my PCs or laptop, so why did it start yesterday after being on the road for 2.5 months while I am traveling to Alaska?

  • aricassel
    aricassel Posts: 2

    Please will you or someone provide me with the link to download the Third Party Product which you say is good alternative to Teamviewer.

  • claytone
    claytone Posts: 8

    @SteveP666 wrote:

    @MaGiiK wrote:

    I filled out the form, and after a week I was good to go to connect to my other PC again.

    Do you happen to know what goes in the Affected TeamViewer ID field in the form?

    It's looking for the numeric ID (### ### ###) of one of your machines.

    Kind of odd, you think it would want your screen name or email, which would cover all your machines.

    Just for reference, here's the form again:

  • HackMax
    HackMax Posts: 1

    Yep I got the same thing today so I'm switching to **Third Party Product**. I dont need or use any other feature other than controlling my pcs so I won't need this software taking space on my SSD

  • claytone
    claytone Posts: 8

    It's pretty obvious that TV is either having problems or has decided on a new policy which kicks out many of its formerly free users. It would be nice if they let us know, one way or the other.

    Just for reference, there's a form you can fill out:

    On the form, where it asks for "Affected Team Viewer ID", it's looking for the numeric ID (### ### ###) of one of your machines. I'm not sure whether that means you need to submit this form for each of your machines, which seems illogical to me. Since it's illogical, you probably *do* need to submit multiple times.

    I've already moved on to another solution, which really convinced me it was better overall. [remove per community guidelines - Sales/Solicitation policy] (I must admit I never verified that for TV.)

  • claytone
    claytone Posts: 8

    @tinkerstoys wrote:

    To my friends here, the hiding of third party software names is a no-no as you can see from the email I got from TV. So a warning to all "the OVERSEER is watching us all." May you all live long and prosper.

    Hi, tinkerstoys,

    We really appreciate your participation in the forum. :-)

    ....various threats...

    All the best,

    Well, it is their little sandbox, I guess they can enforce their rules if they want to.

    I notice that a reference to pricing got zapped in of my posts. That's fine, but the funny part is that the pricing info came directly from the TV website. Maybe the website delivers a custom price based on the presumed geolocation of the user's IP address, who knows. I have seen other posts with the same info, so I guess Natascha is having a hard time keeping up.

    Just my budget, but 5x10E1 bux/lunation is a little high.

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 139 ✭✭

    Yep, I posted their new offer here: around 9 euros / month, therefore 107 euros / year.

  • CodySp
    CodySp Posts: 1

    I got hit with it too. Not the first time they've locked me out for "commercial use" (despite the fact that I've only been connecting back and forth between 3 devices for nearly 7 years now)

    Whatever, we had a good run TeamViewer. Too many good alternatives these days to keep getting hit with this **bleep**.

  • Djay
    Djay Posts: 1

    I get the same message now and I’ve never used TV except for personal use.  Can anyone recommend another product?  I would pay something but I’m not a business.  

    @BobbyMar wrote:

    I have used this for years to support family and log into my own computers at my home with the same location/IP. 
    Today I got the commercial usage suspected / can only log in for 5 minutes at a time.

    Strange, is there a change in policy?

    Filled in the form and will see what happens

    However it may end.


    Now back to reality, need to do some research on alternatives.



  • Airbag888
    Airbag888 Posts: 6

    Who is tired and wants a charade for something I found.

    put that in gtrans to english from FR nuage baies google the singular version of the result and enjoy. It's free and seems to do everything the same ;)


    Hope that helps.

  • Damian777
    Damian777 Posts: 3

    Why does it says:

    Private Use -TeamViewer empowers people to help people beyond borders and barriers. Providing a free plan for personal use is part of this vision: we believe that helping friends and family should be possible for everyone.

    And now when I connect to my fathers PC, says that I use TeamViewer for non private use and every 3 min or so I'm logd out?



  • GromitD90
    GromitD90 Posts: 5

    Add me to the list of disgruntled free license users. Been using the free version for a few years now and have never accessed any computer for commercial purposes. Like many here I'm retired and use it TV to help maintain my family's PC's.

    Today I was flagged as suspected commercial use when accessing my own laptop on my local network.

    I filled out the form and will try once to be reinstated but if that fails I'm out of here. Don't have the time to waste.


  • xbee2
    xbee2 Posts: 17

    Their Commercial Use detection doesn't even make sense anymore.

    I've quit using TeamViewer to remote to home from work, since my role changed I work 90% from home.

    When I am at the office, I just often go without teamviewer.

    Now, I did use it a few days ago to help a friend in Toronto. No issues.

    My sister needs me to help resolve some PC software issues, on a Desktop at her place. I try to remote, and I'm blocked because it says I'm using Commercially.

    This doesn't make sense! It was FINE, I use it ONE time, remoting from residential to residential lines, to help a friend. And now it's back to Commercial USE.

    They're really trying to stamp out all their private users.

  • majacobs
    majacobs Posts: 1

    THis same thing happened to me.

  • ADBCayman
    ADBCayman Posts: 1

    I am getting this message and it is preventing me from remotely accessing my computers.  Why am I seeing this?  TeamViewer is great, but this lockout is frustrating and making me rethink my support of TeamViewer as a great tool. It won’t even let me post this ticket without errors.  What’s going on at TeamViewer, it used to be such a reliable and dependable tool.

  • SteveP666
    SteveP666 Posts: 8

    @CodySp wrote:

    Whatever, we had a good run TeamViewer. Too many good alternatives these days to keep getting hit with this **bleep**.

    What are some alternatives?

    Yes, good while it lasted.  I used it in China last year.  It poked thru' "the great firewall" so I was able to access my PC.  If they had a reasonable fee for personal use, I would gladly pay it.  Has been a really great service.

  • SteveP666
    SteveP666 Posts: 8

    @claytone wrote:

    @SteveP666 wrote:

    @MaGiiK wrote:

    I filled out the form, and after a week I was good to go to connect to my other PC again.

    Do you happen to know what goes in the Affected TeamViewer ID field in the form?

    It's looking for the numeric ID (### ### ###) of one of your machines.

    Kind of odd, you think it would want your screen name or email, which would cover all your machines.

    Just for reference, here's the form again:


  • I just accessed my home computer from my cell phone and received the commercial use prompt.

  • SteveP666
    SteveP666 Posts: 8

    @Clanks wrote:

    i got booted out today but only on one of my computers. and its the one i absolutely need it on because i have no monitor hooked up to it. i think mine got triggered because i just got a brand new macbook so because i have 3 computers on the same account, plus my phone, it probably thinks im using it for commerial purposes

    super annoying, please fix

    Only one of mine got blocked also.

  • ed111
    ed111 Posts: 2

    so Teamviewer .. when will this be fixed...??

    a new one.. I kept bypassing the Commercial warning to get by.. but now it is locking me out for a specific amount of time???

    come on guys.. write proper code

    PS  I am not, nor ever, used this for commercial use. 

  • I am having the same issue with getting the commercial use message and getting locked out of the computer in under 5 minutes and then not letting me back in again until a specific time.  Why is this happening all of a sudden?  I am not using this for commercial use.  Nor have I.  When will this be fixed.

  • Glassdub
    Glassdub Posts: 79 ✭✭

    Yeah, started this **bleep** again blocking  SUSPECTED business usage just because I used a PC at work, for PERSONAL reasons to connect to my home PC, pain in the **bleep**.

  • Glassdub
    Glassdub Posts: 79 ✭✭

    Even my PERSONAL laptop is now detected as COMMERCIAL, using the guest WiFi network at work, so what the **bleep** is personal any more? This is crazy, worthless...

  • sornord
    sornord Posts: 16

    Same here.  Used it on my tablet to access a pc in another room in my house earlier this evening.  Now accessing that same computer from the same tablet gets the "commercial use detected" prompt.  And despite using TV  with no problem from this same tablet for a few weeks, just now it changed to an "untrusted" device.  Went through this with TV a year or two ago and eventually was deemed a free license compliant user, which I am.  Use it to access computers on my home network remotely and from room to room and, occasionally, my mom's remotely at her home about 375 miles away.  Never any commercial use.  The only difference between then and now are replacement cell phones obtained a few weeks ago.  Must be new "management."

  • forrp
    forrp Posts: 1

    argh, teamviewer even hassled me leaving a comment.

    Love Hate relationship is much more hate these days.


    Come up with a price for family use.  Teamviewer free for family use is german **bleep**.

  • xbee2
    xbee2 Posts: 17

    I've been told straight up by TeamViewer connecting from work environment, will be considered Commercial, no matter what the use.

    But me being locked out again WITHOUT using it in the work environment, because I work from home, without VPN either btw, so it's 100% home network. Just remoting to my sister's PC at her home, to help with PC issues, and a friend's - and now I'm getting the messages again.