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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • DrReed
    DrReed Posts: 1

    Any updates? I have a similar issues after all this time - now, and without any advanced notice, i'm shut out of teamviewer. I use my gmail accout, not my .edu, and don't charge for my services or anything like that. I  have multiple commputers (and of course have my mom and dad on the list so I can fix whatever problem they have).......

    @jyarger What do we do?

  • dsaul
    dsaul Posts: 1

    Found the device ID the reset form is looking for:

    1. In the Teamviewer app, click on the "Computers and Contacts" tab.

    2. In the My Computers pulldown, click on the computer you cannot log into.

    3. In the right panel, click on the gear icon next to the computer name.  Then click on Properties.

    4. The computer ID will be listed in the dialog box!

  • Greg176
    Greg176 Posts: 1

    I’ve been using the free edition of TeamViewer for years to manage my mother’s computer. She lives several states away and she’s been living in a nursing home for several years now. Recently I tried to connect to her computer and was disconnected with a message that it appeared I was using TeamViewer in a commercial environment. I use TeamViewer to perform routine maintenance and to solve problems she has from time to time. I don’t receive any money from my mom for doing this. Please allow us to keep using TV so I can continue to provide her with the help she needs. I have written to TeamViewer repeatedly to request that the commercial ban be removed from my account. I have complied with all your requests and you have either refused or completely ignored my communications.

    If TeamView continues to ignore my requests I intend to file a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission for falsely advertising that this product is free for personal use. You state on this very same website your definition of what is “Free for Personal Use”:

    Family and friends

    In any case, the use of TeamViewer with family and friends without any financial compensation is considered as personal use.


  • I am having the same issue!

  • I am using teamviewer to occasionally help my friends and family with their computers, and TeamViewer often tells me that it detects commercial use. Sometimes it still let's me through, sometimes it prevents me from connecting. Today I just couldn't connect at all :(

    I suspect there's a bug in detection of commercial use, because my use case is clearly non-commercial, but I wonder, is there anything I can do to work-around?

  • I install temaviewer company option now its expired, i want to install personal one but cannot

  • so, I got the alert that they beleive that I am trying to use teamviewer with my phone, is there a reason why it is only blocked on my phone? I am suprised that they would try to block an iphone.  You can buy a chromebook for a fraciton of the cost to make money that way...  

  • Yeah fianllly got an email from them insisting I am still using it commercially and I can print off a form, sign it and send it back to them with still no guarantee. Got news for you teamviewer - you have lost a long time user, have found aan altrenate product which is free and does everything TV does. But as I work in IT support, I will not be recomending your product to absolutley anyone at all in future evergagain. Whether that is for whatever company i work for or to friends anf family. 

  • I use the program for personal purposes, but when you start it gives a warning and after a remote connection is disconnected after a few minutes. How do I fix this? I use only for personal purposes, not on a commercial basis

  • Yershov
    Yershov Posts: 11

    All who wanted already done it.
    Just ask Google how to change ID?

  • Hello, I got the "commercial use detected" message as well and submitted the form. I waited for a week but didn't get any reply, so I resubmitted it. Eventually after 9 more days, received an email with the subject

    "Your support request: The ID you submitted is invalid/wrong."

    and the body

    " Dear TeamViewer User,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. We were unable to process your request because the ID you gave us was invalid/wrong. Please fill in another form with the correct ID. Please note that the ID consists of nine numbers and is unique for every device."

    I do not understand why the cant process my request. My ID displayed consists of TEN numbers (not nine) and has the form "1 xxx xxx xxx" (with spaces included) and this is exactly how I submitted the form. Maybe I should not use the "1" and submit it as "xxxxxxxxx" without spaces? Also is there a way to expedite this instead of starting all over again because this long wait is really frustrating..

  • MJAarons
    MJAarons Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I have had exactly the same experience as you have.   

    In May of this year I had also received a "Possible Violation of EULA" email.  It said to ignore the email if I was not in violation of the personal use clause.  Therefore, I ignored that email.

    My understanding from reliable sources is that Teamviewer is trying to "nusance" away non-paying (i.e., personal use) users. If you look at their behaviour that makes perfect sense.

    I think the most effective thing people can do is find an alternative solution.  

  • wurde freigeschaltet und nach 3 längeren sitzungen wieder gesperrt. ich glaube ihr wollt die User ver**bleep**....n!! oder

  • I am now having the same problem I cannot get to my grandmother's computer or my fiance's computer on a regular basis they live in other states I do troubleshooting through TeamViewer and now can't be connected to them longer than a couple minutes all the computers involved run the latest version of TeamViewer I'm hoping I do not have to actually start searching for another solution please can someone help tell me where to look or what's going on I can connect from my phone to my computer for seemingly hours but any other computer no 

  • Sure yes the easy thing is to ditch teamviewer. However I am looking for a definite answer to my question.

  • rchaud
    rchaud Posts: 3

    Can someone post a link to that form mentioned?  Is this where i can appeal the "commercial use detected" warnings?

  • MJAarons
    MJAarons Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I agree that it would be nice to get an answer.  However, I fear that Teamviewer is sending people on a fool's errand in trying to get their personal use re-enabled. 

    Has anyone successfully completed their form and had their personal use re-enabled?  To date, I know of no one that has been successful.  I would love to hear back from anyone who was successful and learn what, and how long, it took to do so.

    Best of luck.

  • A couple of months ago I put through the formal request to be re-enabled.  It was approved. It worked once, or maybe twice.  Then the "commercial use suspected" started up again.

    Honestly, there's no reason to stay on TV for any private individual using it for informal personal use.  There are other solutions. 

    It would seem appropriate to report them for false advertising.  Alternatively a class-action suit, but since we haven't paid anything, we haven't been defrauded of cash.  Only time.

  • Steve-in-FL
    Steve-in-FL Posts: 27 ✭✭

    @MJAarons wrote:

    Has anyone successfully completed their form and had their personal use re-enabled?  To date, I know of no one that has been successful.  I would love to hear back from anyone who was successful and learn what, and how long, it took to do so.

    Yes. Search for my posts in this topic and you will find a long-ish explanation of what I did. I was unblocked on all 13 IDs that I use, about 4-6 weeks ago. Have not been reblocked since.

    Some people have had good luck and success.


  • rchaud
    rchaud Posts: 3

    Thanks but i had found it right after I posted.

    Right now my account locks up after 5 minutes of use and i have to wait about 10 minutes before i can connect again.  


    i dont know what i did that could be interpreted as COMMERCIAL use. Only thing i could think of is me sometimes connecting to my home PC from my work office on my company's network which goes through a proxy. I also sometimes use my perosnal laptop on my work network when i'm doing my homework

  • HI, im using the personnal team viewer  in between my 2 computer.. it always work great but now when im log in it said commercial use, it will be disconnected in 5 minute.. i didnt click or use it commercial.. what can i do do make it run back again without the message and they disconnecte me every 5 minute..


    Thank you 

  • Steve-in-FL
    Steve-in-FL Posts: 27 ✭✭

    @rchaud wrote:

    Right now my account locks up after 5 minutes of use and i have to wait about 10 minutes before i can connect again.  

    I don't know what differences might exist, but when I was blocked, I got the commercial pop-up, but I was connected with no time limit. The next time I tried to connect, it would say something like "you have to wait 10 minutes." But no session I ever was connected on was time limited.

    This is different from what others have seen. No idea why.

  • I think that they USED to have competent people working on their service.

    They probably have hired some goody-two-shoes that have really messed up their service and they always assume comercial useage and are having so many problems that they can't handle all the requests.

    I have one of my machines flagges (after YEARS of personal use), and they can't determine what it's use is, but they CERTAINLY had no problem flagging it! and are taking forever to switch it back to personal use.

    I filled out the form on line and they couldn't confirm it's use, so I was emailed a form to fill out and email back, to PROVE TO THEM that I was using it for personal use.

    Let's see how LONG THIS TAKES! once they get through the thousands of false flags that someone has created!

    Someone needs to get FIRED!!!!

  • I think the best way to deal with it is to [removed per Community Guidelines].  I have a Christian Radio hobby radio station on the Internet and they have flagged me again for suspected "commercial use."  Very frustratiing and also disconcerting to know that evidently, they are snooping inside my computer.

  • At the risk of angering the Community Gods...

    Yes, I have seen that this issue has been raised many times before, but I don't know what else to do but to post this. I submitted this form: On 9/17/2019, I recieved an email that stated: "After reviewing the information provided to us, we were unable to confirm that the submitted ID is being used privately.". So, on 9/23/2019 I submitted a signed "Unblock Request Form" to [email protected] I still have not recieved any response. What else do I need to do to get my ID unblocked? Also, is it possible to use the same "Unblock Request Form" to unblock all of my IDs? Thanks!

  • I gave up. There are plenty of other remote utilities out there that can do this job without treating me like a criminal.

    The sad thing is that I am a longtime user and I have offered TeamViewer numerous times to pay a small fee for their service. It was a quality product and I feel people should be paid for their work. But the pricing on their commercial license is just ridiculous for someone who uses this at home for personal use.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.
  • MJAarons
    MJAarons Posts: 4 ✭✭

    What is the other remote viewing product you switched to? 

    I don't see there is any issue for you to name it here.  After all, it is not like TV is going to lose any revenue from its non-paying customers.  

    TV is definitely on a mission to shed all of its "free" non-commerical users.  Evidently a change in philosophy from sr. management.  It is a shame they don't have the integrity to actually just come out and tell people they are getting rid of non-commercial (i.e., free) use.  Instead they have embarked on this campaign of game-playing.

    My understanding is that the company is under dire financial stress and is preparing itself for sale.  Loads of non-paying users are not attractive to prospective buyers.  



  • If you go back through the thread, you'll see that any competitors names are blocked out. Just search for other remote utilities and you'll find it, I'm sure. Although the one I'm using is Windows only.

    In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.
  • Because if you are just trying to thin the ranks of Free Users, or just frustrate good honest people you make as little information as possible available to those same good and honest people. Its called not having the guts to say something like "We no longer want free users" maybe their paying customers are getting the same treatment.
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