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No Security Code or Recovery Code - Deleting Account


On my original account (not this one), I had set up 2 factor authentication. I have saved my recovery code somewhere but I cannot find it. I recently got a new phone and therefore cannot get the security code from the old 2 factor authentication app. From the research that I have done online or on this community page, the only way around it is to delete the account. I can remember the email address & password for that account. I can verify it with an employee of team viewer. I can still login to a page where it prompts me to enter the security code. I cannot enter that as I do not have my old phone. So I know my password is right. 

TLDR: Cannot get Security Code upon login and lost the recovery code. I want to keep the original account.

Whats the best solution? Please don't send me a link to login to team-viewer support page because I can only partially login... it asks me for a security code/recovery code which I do not have. 

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Re: No Security Code or Recovery Code - Deleting Account

Hello @miitshaah2,

Thank you for your message. 🙌

You will find all the information you need in our post here: Disable TFA 

Best regards


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