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Optimum Online Issues with Team Viewer for WOL (Wake-on-Lan)?

I have Optimum Online for my ISP and they have supplied the modem and router. They lock you out of a large number of the more complicated settings with the router. Any and all kinds of Windows Remote Desktop from outside of your local WiFi network is disabled! However, on the bottom left of every web page for the router is a link to a Team Viewer setup that has you wait for a connection (presumably for them to support end users). Long story short, if you put TeamViewer on your PC (behind the router at home) - and on the remote device - you CAN reach the PC - but only if the PC is already turned on. My remote device is an android phone - works perfectly when PC is already on, from anywhere. But, can only wake up the PC when it is on the same Wifi network. I have another andoid app named "WakeOnLan" which IS able to wake up the PC remotely - sometimes (!?!?). Lastly, I am using freedns for ddns which works perfectly for use as a static host pointing to my ISP supplied enternal router hostname and IP. Please examine the photo carefully which is showing my current router settings...  Anyone have any ideas?   Wake-on-Lan Issue (outside of WiFi network).jpg

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Re: Optimum Online Issues with Team Viewer for WOL (Wake-on-Lan)?

Hello I am also looking to configure WOL using Optimum. We you able to resolve your issue?