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Prevent users from disabling remote control

I am part of a team who uses TeamViewer to connect to and support remote users. We have some users who are much too click happy and routinely disable our remote control, usually in the middle of us attempting to resolve an issue. Is there any way to disable end users from disabling remote control, even temporarily?

I recognize that this may be a massive security concern, but these are also company-owned computers where users should have no expectation of privacy.

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Re: Prevent users from disabling remote control

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Disable remote input is available during a TeamViewer remote control session. If this option is enabled, the remote input will be disabled. This is very useful if you are doing maintenance work on the remote computer and want to make sure no one disturbs you in your work.2020-09-04 09_59_34-All about the TeamViewer remote session toolbar.png

More information regarding this please check out - All about the TeamViewer Remote Control Toolbar 

You may also have interest in another feature: TeamViewer Black Screen 

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