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Out of memory error...

Just recently, out of the blue we are getting Out of Memory error messages on the host computer ONLY when TeamViewer is run.

Never an error message outside of TV.

Any suggestions as to how to stop this?

As I said. memory is not an issue with other apps. Thanks!

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Re: Out of memory error...


TV11 It's a sufficiently consolidated product: a previous out of memory must be available on some previous thread, but it is not so. 

You may starting from examining the TeamViewer log to see if the exception raised has been intercepted at the product level. Here you will find directions on where and how to retrieve log. These data will be still useful to further detail a possible request, if you decide to open a case directly to TeamViewer support team.

You can also use Utility Performance Monitor to check whether the problem actually resides in memory.


Domenico Langone
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Community Manager

Re: Out of memory error...

Hi @Mark1

Are you talking about the integrated health checks?

Please have a look at these two articles to managed these alerts:

How do I use the monitoring checks integrated into TeamViewer?

How can I disable the alert messages in my Computers & Contacts list?

I hope, this info is helpful.

Best, Esther

Community Manager

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Posted by Mark1

Re: Out of memory error...

Ahh.. this could be the problem.

Could you post a screen shot of what a disk space below 10% alert would look like?



Posted by TechGuy56

Re: Out of memory error...

It's always a bummer when you run out of memory. I don't have an answer for you right now, but maybe some hints on how to find the root of the problem. Have you opened the Task manager and monitored the memory usage, to see if it's the actual Teamviewer program causing the problem, or if it's causing a problem with a related service that is used. If you can find that out you might be able to better isolate the problem. Also are there any errors other than out of memory associated with it? Have you checked the error logs for information?

Mike Crabill