TeamViewer 9 & 10 End-of-Life



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    I don't know what the equivilant translation in German would be , but in the English Oxford dictionary it's "Never ending or changing".

    If TV didn't mean 'perpetual' (in the English sense) then that fact should have been qualified in the T&C's.

    What other words have TV used to sell their product that they really didn't mean?

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    Frankly Donlan,

    I find your arrogant comments above quite offensive and inflamatory. Did YOU pay for licence? What right have you to comment then?

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    Hi this teamviewer action is completely fraudolenti i have a regular lifetime licence of teamviewer 10, i have a contract, i have payed for it i have signed a contract! and i wont switch to any other software version because my version is stable and i don't need other. This is the result of an internal politics that not respect the contracts and customers who paid and with our money temaviewer became what it is today. i wont enter and firm for create a class action. Add me to list.

  • Hello you @ll!!!

    Let´s do something!!



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    What the heck is going on here? This is getting more tangled and confusing and ridiculous every day!

    Outrage posted that he has both 9 & 10 commercial licenses, and his notice from TeamViewer included the extra line "On January 19, 2021, your TeamViewer 9 license will be upgraded to TeamViewer 11." There is no line like that in the notice we received.

    allev1919 posted "I just spoke with a TeamViewer representative. She told me that as long as I upgrade before June 21, 2021, I can move from my current TeamViewer version 9 to version 13 under the same terms of my original perpetual license. She said that it would not be necessary for me to buy a new license."

    Is TeamViewer secretly offering upgrade options to some commercial customers and not others??

    Does it vary by country, perhaps because they have been given legal advice that this violation of a perpetual license agreement is illegal in those countries?

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    Well, Teamviewer, what's the official response?

    Can we 'upgrade' from version 9/10 to a later version at no cost?

    If so, could we have some instructions please.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks again for all the feedback you posted. I am happy to see our strong TeamViewer Community! As already stated yesterday, we here at TeamViewer read and consider every post and comment from you.

    As we understand that this is a sensitive topic, we would like to stress our commitment to sort this out. So after the holidays we will re-assess the topic internally and address all points raised by you during the discussion over the last couple of days.

    Until then, we would like to extend our best wishes for Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

    Thanks again,


    Former Community Manager

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    Hey TV folks Mr. President.

    Do you do such activities during COVID-19? We are trying to survive, survive, not lay off workers, and at this point you make such a decision? This is terrible. Inhuman. How can you go to sleep in peace, know that thousands of users to whom you promised what you promised. You took our money and now you want to lose years of your reputation like that?

    Shame shame shame!

  • I too purchased my "Lifetime" license in 2014. It was just after a competitor went from free to $99/machine. I thought this was the way to go, even though really expensive for my small business (just me, only hand full of clients and family members), I figured since it was a lifetime fee, it was worth it.  This is similar to what the competitor did, with a huge difference as we PAID for the license, the competitor was free.

    I don't think I can afford or justify the new pricing plan for my small business. At the $50/month they are currently asking, it is almost the same price as what I paid one time for my "Lifetime" license now billed every year. Just can not accept that bill.

    This is just wrong.

    Count me in as another unhappy customer. I'd be interested in any class action suit as well.

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    I am willing to be patient and wait until after the holidays to hear what @Esther & Teamviewer have to say.

    Until then, I strongly caution all Teamviewer 9/10 licensees NOT to upgrade to the free trial of Teamviewer 15 until this licensing/agreement issue is resolved satisfactorily. I can assure you that when you sign up for the "free" trial, there will be a new EULA and specifically legal language which will make you relinquish all rights to previous versions and nullify all prior contractual agreements with Teamviewer .

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    I want to cry. what is this company? who are these people?

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    @DomLan Although I do agree with some of what you've said here (specifically regarding security/safety), that does not negate the fact that Teamviewer agreed to provide 10 years of server availability for their perpetual license products. If they are worried about security on outdated versions of Teamviewer, they should offer to update their version 9/10 users to a newer version (that meets their security guidelines) at no additional cost with the caveat that server availability will end 10 years from the licensee's date of purchase. In that way they would be abiding to their agreement and at the same time addressing any security concerns.

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    Just to correct what you have said, I have only purchased TV 10 CORPORATE license. Never TV9 ,,,, BUT a couple of days ago I received 2 emails about 10 minutes apart. The first one reconfirmed that TV 10 users would be "turned off on 1 June 2021" then the second email i got only related to only TV 9 users (ALTHOUGH I HAVE NEVER BEEN A TV 9 USER), it said ,,,,


    Dear customer,

    Thank you for choosing TeamViewer.

    To ensure the highest security and fastest connections possible, Server Services for TeamViewer versions 9 and 10 will be discontinued, effective June 1, 2021.

    How does this affect me?

    As of June 1, 2021, connections outside your network with TeamViewer 9 and 10 licenses will not be possible.

    Because we’re committed to providing the best TeamViewer service possible, we’re excited to offer you a special complimentary trial of TeamViewer version 15, valid from January 19, 2021, through May 31, 2021.




    Dear customer,

    Thank you for choosing TeamViewer. 

    To ensure the highest security and fastest connections possible, Server Services for TeamViewer version 9 will be discontinued and connections outside your network will not be possible, effective June 1, 2021.

    How does this affect me?

    On January 19, 2021, your TeamViewer 9 license will be upgraded to TeamViewer 11.

    Because we’re committed to providing the best TeamViewer service possible, we’re excited to offer you a special complimentary trial of TeamViewer version 15, valid from January 19, 2021, through December 31, 2021. 



    As we can see from the 2 emails, the second one extends TV 9 users to 31 december 2021 but the first reconfirms 1 june 2021

    either way, they will need to do better than 31 december 2021

    I will be replying to @Esther in my next post ,,, in a few hours

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    "If they are worried about security on outdated versions of Teamviewer, they should offer to update their version 9/10 users to a newer version (that meets their security guidelines) at no additional cost with the caveat that server availability will end 10 years from the licensee's date of purchase. In that way they would be abiding to their agreement and at the same time addressing any security concerns."

    In my view, this is a best case scenario resolution to the current problem.

    Well done, TechNYC. Let's hope TV implements this solution or something very similar.

  • I would also like to be included in the lawsuit

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    Thank God! I really need to work with Team Viewer, without having to pay a monthly fee, because I bought it in perpetual mode, I hope you really look at it with affection, because I can't pay per month or year, I don't earn a lot of money. PLEASE provide us with the update in perpetual mode, I don't use all the functions of the team viewer, I only use my client's PC access to do remote maintenance, nothing more. I live in Brazil, please Team Viewer, help us, we are the first investors in the brand, we bought the lifetime license, believing that it is our license forever, please don't let us down.

    Tradução para o Português Brasil:

    Graças a Deus! Preciso muito trabalhar com o Team Viewer, sem precisar pagar por mensalidade, pois comprei com modo perpétuo, eu espero que vocês realmente olhem com carinho, pois eu não posso pagar por mês e nem por ano, não ganho muito dinheiro. POR FAVOR nos forneça a atualização em modo perpétuo, não uso todas as funções do team viewer, só uso o acesso ao pc do meu cliente para fazer manutenções remotas, mais nada. Moro no Brasil, por favor Team Viewer, nos ajude, nós somos os primeiros investidores na marca, compramos a licença vitalícia, acreditando que é para sempre a nossa licença, não nos decepcionem, por favor.

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    Greetings from Poland:

    Hello Teamviewer,

    Thank you for your e-mail sent 21.12.2020 but I do not accept your proposal.

    I intentionally bought a Teamviewer 9 Premium as a lifetime product.

    It was very expensive at that time.


    I do not agree for you to switch off Teamviewer 9 service.

    You should keep it running SAFE as long as I want to use it.


    If you have some true reasons about IT security and you wish us to upgrade to a higher version,

    then it should be free of charge and at the same lifetime product model.

    I do not care and I do not need all these new functions from new versions.

    I just want to use what I have already paid for.


    Offering a trial version upgrade for a product with lifetime license is not an option!


    One more thing – your timing – giving us only 10 days to react:

    - just before Christmas?

    - just before end of year?

    - during COVID pandemic?

    I think this is very unprofessional.

    Please respond as soon as possible.



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    I also purchased TV 10 on Feb 11 2015. I do not accept this and would love to be a part of a class action law suit as well. We purchased a Lifetime subscription!!

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    HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL FRIENDS WHO ARE HERE, even in this difficulty of losing this perpetual license, know that I wish you all a blessed Christmas night, and that the company Team viewer, can give us an extended license for perpetual 2015 or 2013, because we bought the perpetual license, I also wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS for every Team viewer company, that you reflect our request and that you know that here behind the keyboards, there are people who are parents of families, who are fighting to survive in this pandemic of the covide19 we are totally broke, because governors are closing our establishments and we cannot work properly and you have to take care of this problem and congratulate us to have this benefit, which is our salary, to support our family, please review it because we bought the license lifelong.


    FELIZ Natal A TODOS AMIGOS QUE AQUI ESTÃO, mesmo nesta dificuldade de perdermos esta licença perpétua, saibam que desejo a todos vocês uma noite abençoada de Natal, e que a empresa Team viewer, possa nos dar uma licença estendida para perpétua 2015 ou 2013, pois compramos a licença perpétua, desejo também um FAELIZ NATAL para toda empresa do Team viewer, que vocês reflitam o nosso pedido e que saibam que aqui por traz dos teclados, existem pessoas pais de famílias, que estão lutando para poder sobreviver nesta pandemia do covide19 e estamos totalmente falidos, pois governadores estão fechando os nossos estabelecimentos e não podemos trabalhar direito e vocês tem que dar conta deste problema e nos felicitar para termos este benefício que é o nosso salário, para sustentar a nossa família, por favor revejam pois compramos a licença vitalícia.

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    Like many others here, I am an individual who supports a small number of companies and family members. I cannot justify a monthly expense for remote access software so I bit the bullet back in 2015 and bought a “perpetual” TeamViewer 10 license. It was a lot, but I knew it was a one time payment so I was willing to do it. Telling me 5 years later that I basically wasted all that money is disgusting, I specifically chose TeamViewer over the competition because of the licensing model at the time. I believe TeamViewer needs to honor the license that they sold me and support it for AT MINIMUM the 10 years promised.

    I really hope TeamViewer listens to their customers like me who have stood by them all these years even when there are so many alternatives. If that doesn’t happen I am definitely interested in joining in on the class action lawsuit.

  • vjdata
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    I have already contacted my lawyer as this is not legal. i think they know it but they hope no one will do anything, but they are so so wrong

  • Xeort
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    When I purchased my license I was told that it was perpetual, as in "forever".

    I think I was tricked.

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    When I purchased my license I was told it was a one shot advance payment, with limitation only on the number of hours per month, but no end of life.

    I use TV for less than 30 MINUTES/month on average! So I see no benefit in paying a monthly subscription or I would have already done that.

    Team Viewer, please grandfather us in a working version, keeping the original pricing model (i.e. no additional costs for this upgrade). We already paid for the service in advance. If people out there want more feature and have the economic strenght to support that, perfect, your business model works and they can have all the bells and whistles.

    I cannot and I won't. So either you provide us with a working version or I'll simply use the free version which is still a burden on your servers and gives you nothing.

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    I was buy TeamViewer 8 PERPETUAL corporate licence. I pay about 3.000 eura! How is now this possible?! I can't belive! This is not ok!!!

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    I think what you said is the fair "to all" resolution

    @Esther I put the same suggestion to Teamviewer via a support ticket on 22 December after speaking to someone at your fully owned subsidiary company TEAMVIEWER PTY LTD in Australia. They said they would refer to the TV legal department. In the support ticket I also detailed some other very serious issues on how TEAMVIEWER PTY LTD conducts business in Australia. I have provided a detailed overview of these serious issues and on how they will be dealt with if there is no resolution to this TV 9 & 10 license issue by Monday, 18 January (I will be back from holiday by then all ready for action). I have deliberately not detailed the other issues on this forum as I would prefer TV ACTS in a proper manner so we can put this to one side. Let's hope TV Head office comes to their senses

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    I'm not accepting this either. Also paid big dollars for a One-time cost premium forever service back in 2014! Count me in a law suit if Teamviewer does not undo closing, or compensate for this in a satisfying way.

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    Here is the reply that I received,

    Thank you for reaching out. 
    On January 19th you will receive a free trial of the latest version of TeamViewer until June 1st 2021. 
    After this date, we cannot maintain older versions past the lifecycle of a software product. The license is still yours and remains intact, but we will no longer provide “Server Services” - which allow for the connection to other devices outside the local network.
    Server Services are a separate services function, they are not included/guaranteed forever upon the purchase of a perpetual license. 
    If you would like to continue accessing TeamViewer's servers to make connections after this date we will need to upgrade your license. We are happy to work with you on pricing and also understand if you wish to look for an alternate solution with another provider. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions. 
    Bien cordialement,

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    This is not OK. I feel outright lied to. Perpetual to me means it works forever. I bought Business 7 and then upgraded to Premium 9. I wasn't aware of the EULA saying that they only support the server for 10 years but even then I bought in March 2014 so under their own words should work until at least 2024. If they don't want to support older versions that is OK but they should provide us an equivalent subscription free of charge that will last until at least the 10 year mark. The only way I will stop proactively steering customers away from TeamViewer (we support and recommend solutions to end users as an retail IT company) is if this decision is rolled back or they give us an subscription to the latest version that lasts until the 10 year mark ends for our purchase.

    Fair is Fair and when we spend that much on an license we expect to not be lied to.

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    I totally agree. Count me in for a Class Action lawsuit

  • MarkJB
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    Yes!, I agree. count me in on the class action lawsuit.