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How to license Team Viewer 15 with an upgraded v9 license?

Ray_Pinkerton Posts: 1
edited September 17 in General Questions

Hi All,

We support a client who gets remote support for their accounts via TeamViewer. Oh course they must have been getting warning etc but have done nothing about it and now the software has stopped working.

My client has advised his v9 license has been upgraded to v15 and he needs the software upgraded and the license installed. I have upgraded the software but can not see how I go about installing the v9 license into the new software. From what I've found I need to create a Teamviewer login account and add the license or use an existing login that has the license associated, is this correct?

How do I then add in the computer with TeamViewer installed so it can use the license?

I've tried to find details of the exact steps I need to follow to complete the upgrade/registration but have not found a complete guide as yet.

Would anybody be able to point me to such a document please?

Thank you all




  • Akiho_S
    Akiho_S Posts: 329 Moderator
    edited October 26

    Hi Ray_Pinkerton,

    Thank you for contacting TeamViewer Community.

    Account activation requires an activation link. In order to activate your account, please check your purchase email which contains activation link for your license. If you don't have an activation link, please kindly to contact Customer Support Team directly.

    Please find further information from here.

    How to activate your license - TeamViewer Support

    Please prepare your order number or invoice number before calling Customer Support.

    If you have further question, feel free to post on the Community.

    Best Regards,


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