Escalate refund issue in Teamviewer for refund tickets being closed without reply.

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Whom to approach and escalate in Teamviewer for refund tickets being closed without reply.

Following are the details of the case.

[removed per Community Guidelines]

Invoice Number wrongly raised and paid is [removed per Community Guidelines] for which Ticket Number [removed per Community Guidelines] was created but which is closed now without any reply or resolution. Another ticket is [removed per Community Guidelines].

Very high handed approach by Teamviewer to a small company (20 computers in all one place only) like us who only need Teamviewer Premium license but we are being forced to purchase Tensor license under the threat of suspension of our account. We purchased and paid for Premium license also but that is unilaterally cancelled by Teamviewer in violation of the contract.

The Sales Agent mentioned promised Teamviewer Tensor Enterprise license as per her emails for a price of [removed per Community Guidelines]  and then she gave only Teamviewer Basic license and duped our company. This is highly fradulent behaviour by a renowed company like Teamviewer. We want refund for the same and wish to use Premium license that suffices for our purpose.

How to approach Teamviewer top management under such circumstances for just and fair resolution.


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    Hello @dfimdkTVadmin,

    We are sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    We have contacted the dedicated team handling your tickets.

    Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

    Please understand that cancellation requests cannot be handled/processed within the Community but only via our customer support.

    We thank you in advance for your understanding.


    Community Manager

  • dfimdkTVadmin
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    thank you for your reply and looking forward to a fair resolution.

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