Commercial use - Connection time out




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    I have the same problem

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    It seems like everyone is having this same problem. Since there has been no response from the TeamViewer Team, I have switched to **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**. I recommend that folks evaluate alternatives and take them at your earliest convenience.

    This kind of corporate response to a widespread problem is unacceptable.

  • Mine does that but also tells me that it looks like I'm using teamviewer for commercial purposes. I have never done it for that so I don't know what they are getting at

  • Why is my account marked as commercial use when I try to log into my computers? This is completely personal use not commercial.

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    I did not realize checking my work's email was in violation. Is it OK to use my work computer to check my personal computer? How about my cell phone to check my personal computer? My Personal computer is bill.

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    Please add me to the exemption list as I don't use it for commercial. It's only to access my computers from multiple locations and sometimes help friends/family/relatives with their computer issues. No money involves.

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    I'm using the free version of Teamviewer and only use it one or twice a month to help friends. Today I try to log on to a friend's computer and got bumped off after 30 seconds! Message: "Connection blocked after timeout". Anyone know how I can contact Teamviewer to lift this block?? I can't find the form for requesting help. Thanks.

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    Hello, my ID has been flagged ans suspected commercial to my personal desktop computer and all o fthe docs I find tell me to go to When I go here the site asks me to log in and when I do, the page does not recognize that I have logged in or provide me with the form to fill out.

    Am I missing something?



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    My account keeps logging me off within one minute of me logging into a computer in my house on the same network. I've submitted the form that TeamViewer says to have ID reset, but it still does it. I only sent one TeamViewer ID, do I need to send different ID from all the computers in my home to be able to log into them without being kicked off? I am a disabled vet and unfortunately I live in a 3 story home, so I rely on TeamViewer to be able to remotely get into my children and the other computers in my home to keep them updated. Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Excellent service

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    Received message "Connection blocked after timeout" when try to start a teamviewer session. This issue happened on 2017, mistakenly think that I used Teamviewer for commercial use. I am straightly using Teamviewer for personal. Anybody has customer service number? How can I get my id unblocked.

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    This issue is exactly what is happening to me. I am in music creation and since this lockdown, I help friends when they have problems with their recording software and help my sister with her computer problems since I can no longer go there. I don't charge for it; these are friends and family.

    What is the red flag that I seem to have triggered? Too many friend/family?

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    Is there any way to get TeamViewer reset so it does not think I'm using this for commercial use?

    I am at my home trying to connect to my parents who are at home. No commercial use here.

    Yet, it keeps disconnecting after around 30 seconds saying that it is going to lock me out of my account.

    This is really unfortunate

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    Hi there;

    Tonight I'm experiencing a rapid time out of my connection (roughly 1 minute), then I get booted off my remote control and am unable to reconnect. If I log out of TV, and back in again, I'm able to connect (again for only about 1 minute before I get booted). Additionally, I says I'm blocked after it disconnects.

    Any idea what's up with that?

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    My free version has stopped working. I can connect to someone's computer, but it automatically logs me out have a minute or two. The message I receive says I need to update my license, but I am using the free version. I tried using it on my laptop also. Same thing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of time. Even cleaned my registry. Is the free version no longer supported?

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    I'm having same problem, happened after they reinstated login, First they said I might be using it commercially and then after I explained I only use it to connect to a computer in the basement to save walking up and down stairs, they allowed me to reconnect and since then I've been getting this rapid time out. Really getting discouraged with Team Viewer/

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    I am having the same issue. Has Teamviewer stopped being free for personal use?

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    I'm having the same issue. Booted off in < 2 minutes.

    I just upgraded to the latest version and added multi-factor authentication - now with 2 minutes sessions I can't help my mother in her 90's and another city select and buy a book for a Xmas gift for a niece as the first one she got was unexpectedly in another language.

    COAL in your stocking TeamViewer.

    **Information removed as per Community Guidelines** takes off time limits for days near Xmas and New Years on free accounts, but you dump the free users who could recommend you?

    I guess I'll email over a **Information removed as per Community Guidelines** and screen share but the talking through what to do for non-tech savvy seniors is an added challenge. Very unimpressed. Enjoy your network bandwidth pulled from the free accounts.😒

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    I too have the same issue!

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    Whats the deal here? I've been using teamviewer for years and now all of a sudden I'm being logged out in under a minute.

    I posted about this yesterday, and someone (I assume a Mod) removed my post entirely. No record of it in my "discussions". Where's the customer support in that? At least tell me ** bleep ** is causing it to log out.

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    I'm having the same problem. There doesn't seem to be any support.

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    Same here. Can't find any documentation as to what the issue is.

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    mine seems to have a 5 minute time limit! Please help explain.

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    I asked the same question a week ago and they cleaned out my question too. After the years of referrals and a paid subscription I am just going to be ignored?

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    same problem here, looks like TV has a widespread problem they don't want to advertise, particularly if they are hiding the complaining posts. My problem has been going on now for over a week and the timeout occurs in about 90 seconds.

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    Weird thing is, it's only happening when I use my free personal account from my work computer.

    We have a commercial account for work, so when I remote into my work machine from home, I sign into our commercial account to access my work machine.

    In the reverse scenario though, if I want to access my personal home computer from the office, I instead sign into my personal account (while at the office) to access my personal computer. It makes sense that I would not want my home personal computer accessible to my office peers. In this scenario is where I hit the brick wall and get logged off quickly.

    However, if I use my personal account on my laptop (from my office network, though not my office "account"), I am able to access my personal computer and am NOT logged off.

    I suspect it has something to do with switching between a paid commercial account and a free personal account, both using the same exact computer (but not at the same time).

  • Greetings! I'm a first time user. I'm trying to gain access to my friends computer and immediately after I put your ID in and hit connect I get a popup message stating "Connection blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate rechecks are blocked. Please try later or upgrade your license. Connections to this partner will be blocked until..."

    This message displays every time. How should I proceed? Thank you, Lauren

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    Isn't it interesting that Teamviewer apparently completely ignores this Teamviewer community board even though this is where they send "free users". No one from Teamviewer ever responds to provide explanation or assistance. I received my first "Commercial Use Suspected" notice back in early November. The timing was especially troublesome because I was then scheduled for knee replacement surgery on November 6, and several of MY computers that I need to access are located in my basement office and I could not navigate the stairs. I submitted a personal use statement using the website as required by Teamviewer. I received a response email on November 11, indicating my account had been reset. Unfortunately I continued to receive the same commercial use messages, blocking my use. While Teamviewer says that the problem can be due to either of the two units being flagged, when I was finally able to test from the remote end to one of my other PC's I did not experience the blockage. All of my computers are on the same LAN. For now I am opting to use **Information removed as per Community Guidelines** even though it is certainly not an optimum solution, especially when I am away from my LAN. I was in IT for 30+ years including serving as CTO/CIO at two regional banks. I have never seen such blatant disregard for a base of customers, even it unpaid. If Teamviewer is not going to provide support for their free users, they should just pull the free product.

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    OOPS, I was wrong. Apparently some unhelpful soul is monitoring this Forum and deletes suggestions for alternative products.