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Need Support!-Paid Customer-Session Freezes while Scrolling or Working

I've paid for this service, and it freezes every 1-2 hours consistently. Often, the cause is from scrolling on a webpage or any other document that has images on it, but it has frozen at other times working with only spreadsheets as well.

Is there a support person that can be reached to help with this? I'm a paid customer and this just isn't working.

I have a unique setup in that my work PC (Being remoted into) has a 49"W curved monitor with 3 inputs, the first input in the middle is 2560x1440 and the other two inputs are half screens on each side at 1280x1440. My home PC (remoting in) has three 1920x1080 monitors. The remote session allows me to adjust the resolution to 1920x1080 for the middle monitor, but the other monitors #2, #3 can only adjust to 1600x900 (which is another issue).


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  • Vatsilidis
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    what kind of setup do you have in remote pc?  (vga, operating system, etc)

    Also, i suggest you to take a look at this post, since there are importand info's about scaling and optimal transfered screen resolution.

    If you look at this post, you'l see that the main concept is the automatic resolution scaling to fit within the display of the accessing computer.