Edge - window is grey instead of showing page

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Running TV15 on both windows PCs.  I can connect to remote PC, then  bring up Edge, and it shows home page.  When I navigate to another page, I only see a grey window instead of the page.


  • Vatsilidis
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    Hi @Eskimo 

    Are you using laptop? If yes please take a look to this post and see if fix it for you.

    One more likely fix for this is to Disable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge. To do this please follow this steps (is copy paste from web, so some details may differ a little)

    - Open Microsoft Edge.

    - Click on the menu button with three dots.

    - Select Settings from the menu.

    - In Settings, click on System on the left.

    - On the right, turn off the toggle option Use hardware acceleration when available.

    - Now click on the Restart button.


    I hope this will fix it it and enjoy it!

  • Eskimo
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    The new Chromium-based Edge doesnt seem to have that path to change the HW accel.   Since I have this problem with a server usually unattended, I changed the vendor display driver to the vanilla M$ one and it seems to be OK in this case.  

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    Wonderful new then!

    Great job!