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Sound on local computer decreases greatly when connecting to remote computer

Hi! I'm using TeamViewer 15.3.8497. I've just started using TeamViewer; so, perhaps, there is a setting somewhere I don't know about. I saw a video on YouTube from 2017 referring to this problem on an Apple Mac; but I'm using a Windows 10 system and a newer version of TeamViewer, so the instructions in the video don't really help me.

Before I start a remote connection, the sound on my local computer works just fine (such as when I'm playing music through a pair of speakers). After I connect to my remote computer, the sound decreases on my local computer to where it is almost inaudible. The volume slider doesn't change, the sound just goes faint. This happens anywhere from within a minute after I connect to a few minutes after I connect. When I end the connection, the sound on my local computer returns to normal.

How can I continue to listen to my local audio (music, YouTube, etc.) while I have a remote connection?




  • VatsilidisVatsilidis Posts: 659 Star

    Hi @dpatml 

    Have you enabled the VoIP button by accident?

    Screenshot 2020-03-09 15.36.07.png

    Please check the first reply at this post and update me with further results.

    Best regards.

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