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De-activating, Password Reset... How? It's Been an Utter Nightmare This Process

Hey Guys (Teamviewer Hello?),

I wanted to cancel my annual subscription on my business account for a while now, and I'm in a situation where I've forgotten my password and cannot access my account. That is my bad for forgetting my password, but ho-boy has it been a journey just trying to reset this password. I've tried on every browser and different computers. Devices. Not a single password reset email followed up on my business account. I'm slowly closing into my renewal day, and I definitely do not want this service. Sometimes I wonder if the support is deliberately trying to stop me from cancelling the annaul subscription. I resetted my password on two other accounts just now, and it all seems to work fine on the free accounts.

The amount of time and effort that it takes to... Just. Reset. A. Password is the most gruelling, annoying process I've ever faced. The most daunting thing. Please, customer support, or anybody who is a part of the teamviewer community. Help me. I definitely do not want to pay the business annual fee for this rollercoaster ride of pain and waste of time. 

Save me, shoot me, hate me, whatever I just want to ditch my account now.

Thank you for reading this. : , (


  • pkim12321
    pkim12321 Posts: 2

    I probably downed two advils and smoked about three packs of my vype just to endure this frustration. It's like Titanic headed towards the jolly-big ice berg at the end, but you know it's going to crash. Titanic is me and the ice berg is the renewal fee. 

    Don't let me sink guys. Please. It's the recession time here. 

  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,256 [Former Staff]

    Hi @pkim12321 ,

    Thank you for your post and I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    First of all, please ensure TeamViewer is added to your list of safe senders, and please check the Junk and SPAM folders in order to receive an email for resetting password.
    As soon as you successfully reset your password, you can submit a support ticket to request cancellation. Please note that submitting a ticket requires a valid TeamViewer license.

    Finally, you can also call directly to our support team. You can reach out to them directly via local numbers found here. They will be happy to assist you further.

    Hope this helps!
    Thank you for your understanding in advance.

    All the best,

    Former Japanese Community Moderator