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Scrolling using a Mac touchpad is broken

I'm using TeamViewer on Mac (with different macOS versions) to control a Windows 10 computer, and whenever I'm scrolling vertically using the Mac trackpad, happens to trigger horizontal scrolling at the same time, which forces me to use a mouse with a scroll wheel for certain tasks like programming.

This is very very frustrating because I find the keyboard mapping excellent and I really feel like the remote machine is actually the one I'm directly working on.


  • kevupton
    kevupton Posts: 1

    I have this problem as well. This issue makes it unbearable to use Teamviewer. Is there any other platforms that can be used for mac?

  • Parallels work and cost less, TeamViewer does not seem to care to fix this. Makes it useless for me too. 

  • romeroabelleira
    romeroabelleira Posts: 1 Newbie

    This is super frustrating. I keep an old mouse attached just because of Teamviewer. I'd appreciate a timeline on a fix or even just the knowledge that this is anywhere on the company's radar.

  • psathas
    psathas Posts: 1

    Same problem here. Scrolling is not working properly from my MacBook.

  • harrmenos
    harrmenos Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited January 1

    Same here, scrolling from mac touchpad is broken. I don't want to use a mouse, so I use a TeamViewer alternative!

  • Dave_BKB
    Dave_BKB Posts: 2

    Also having issues with scrolling from Macbook to a Windows machine as well - did anyone find a solution?