Unable to conatct support team

I am unable to contact support. I have a business license but no access to the business email as the company is out of business now. This is regarding changes to the business license for the out of  business company and I am unable to get in touch with the support. Could anyone from the support team please get in touch? Its very urgent



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    Hi All,

    Thank you for your messages and welcome to our community.?

    You are always welcome to reach out to our support team via support ticket or via phone support with your licensed account information.

    Our support team will answer calls and tickets in the order they are received as quickly and accurately as possible.

    I hope this information would be helpful.

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  • Hello,
    My name is Folakemi**, i am part of the** Health employee, my email is **Please do not post Email Addresses**  i want to delete my Team-viewer, kindly help me look into this as soon as possible.

    If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me

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    Hi @folakemiagboola

    Thank you for your post.

    Please kindly check out our KBA - How to delete your TeamViewer account 

                     How to uninstall TeamViewer on PC or How do I uninstall TeamViewer on my Mac? 

    Should you cancel your TeamViewer subscription, for your security, all cancellations must be submitted in written form, by submitting a ticket. Written requests must be received by TeamViewer at least 28 days before the end of the initial subscription term or any subscription renewal term.

    I hope the information above would be helpful.

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  • Ferracciaio
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    Good morning,
    since it is almost impossible to contact you by telephone or talk with some kind of support team regarding payments problems in Italy, we try to write you here. We received from the Creditreform debt collection company, a request for payment of €. 250.48, which includes the balance of invoice n. [personal information removed by moderator] plus additional costs.
    On 04/11/2019 we purchased Teamviewer, but not having received the activation link immediately, we deduced that the order had not been successful. We then repeated the purchase operation few days later, but having not received the activation code again, we contacted customer service, who apologized for the delay and sent us the activation link.
    At this point, a misunderstanding arose: the only activation link that reached us, was related to invoice n.. [personal information removed by moderator], while we paid invoice n.. [personal information removed by moderator]. In summary, we think you agree with us in believing that two invoices do not have to be paid for a single activation link!
    We look forward to a kind reply in this regard.
    Best regards.

    Secretariat for

    Geom. Giuseppe C. Galli
    [personal information removed by moderator]