Complimentary TeamViewer 15 access for legacy versions to be deprecated



  • Bengt_N
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    What's the difference of being deceived now or a couple years later.

    I expect the responsible persons will be forced out of the company.

    I expect that there is a couple of alternative outcomes results of this scam.

    1) Teamviewer changes its the decision to try to fool its customers and stop the shutdown of VALID perpetual licenses.

    2) If there is a real reason (Teamviewer older versions does have critical flaws = you been fooled earlier with a bad product) and it's not a scam, Teamviewer must upgrade customers to perpetual current version licenses free of charge.

    3) Any of the above will be be forced by an law suit (see other comments in teamviewer forum that calls for class action)

    4) Teamviewer bad reputation will force the company to close. Check it out on

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    Hello TeamViewer,

    I purchased a Single User TeamViewer 9 license, then upgraded to 10, 11, and 12 each consecutive year.

    I then purchased Migration from TeamViewer Business 12 to TeamViewer Business Subscription License for two more years.

    Am I eligible for complimentary TeamViewer 15 access until Dec 31, 2025 based on my TeamViewer 9 -12 license purchases?

    Thank you

  • iamnana
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    Hi @Esther ,

    I'm paid business customer purchase for perpetual license with last paid upgrade to v14 with add on channel. I try to login v15 but my v15 license show as Free ?

  • ions
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    Hello Fiona,

    I purchased a Single User TeamViewer 9 license, then upgraded to 10, 11, and 12 each consecutive year.

    I then purchased Migration from TeamViewer Business 12 to TeamViewer Business Subscription License for two more years.

    Am I eligible for complimentary TeamViewer 15 access until Dec 31, 2025 based on my TeamViewer 9 -12 license purchases?

    Thank you

  • Fiona_G
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    Hi @ions,

    Thank you for your question. In this case, I recommend contacting our support team and they will be happy to clarify it for you. You can find the link to it in the top menu under Service --> Contact --> Submit a ticket/Give us a call.

    Kind regards,

  • ions
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    Ok. Thanks Fiona.

  • Esther
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    @ions Thanks for your question. As you upgraded your license regularly you already have access to TeamViewer 15. The complimentary access is for those who are still on the license for TeamViewer 8, 9 or 10.

    @iamnana In case your Corporate 13 license is activated on your TeamViewer account, it should work when installing TeamViewer 13 again. TeamViewer 15 only works when your license is valid for version 15 - otherwise, the software won´t recognize it.

    Former Community Manager

  • klausrehm
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    Hello TeamViewer Management,

    in 2009 I bought a permanent TeamViewer 5 Business (1 channel) license for less than 600,- €.

    In 2012 I bought an upgrade to TeamViewer 7 Corporate (3 channels) for slightly more than 1.750,- €.

    All this was not cheap but ok. The software does a good job and those licenses were PERMANENT!!!

    Today TeamViewer wants to charge 2.000,- € per year for something that I don't want and don't need: I'm fine with my current TeamViewer 9. If you cannot support an old version I think you should offer a free upgrade to a new version with the same functionality.

    If you really decide to end my PERMANENT license on Dec 31 2022 I will no longer be using TeamViewer in my company, and I will check my legal options to get my money back.

    How arrogant!

    PS: Why does your sales team ask me what I think TeamViewer would be worth to me if they do not even answer my emails?

  • Esther
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    Hi Pelle, can you please reach out to our support team regarding this? I am afraid I do not know the answer. Thanks, Esther

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  • drdancm
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    I think it is time to consider a Class Action Suit - Perpetual licenses are not arbitrarily limited to a few years. The Greed of large powerful companies cannot ever be underestimated. All perpetual licenses should be honored with an upgrade that is not arbitrarily time limited. Teamviewer is not doing any of us a favor but simply breaking the business contract in a way to make themselves look less terrible.

    Any of you who would like to join the Class Action Suit please send your contact information to me at:

    **Do Not Post Email Addresses**

    Thanks for reading,


  • PC_Howie
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    I'm adding my experience, and procedure taken to enable the NOT "automatic" complimentary access from a TeamViewer 10 Business license.

    My paid [version 10] perpetual license, like another user on this thread, was showing as "FREE" when it shouldn't, for both the TeamViewer Remote Control software on my computer AND on my profile at

    This is what I needed to do: (I can't guarantee this procedure will help people with licenses that are not considered "legacy")

    1. Sign in at (and the requisite security stuff if your browser / computer isn't on "trusted" list)
    2. Click your user name at top right of screen, and choose "Edit profile"
    3. On the General tab, if your license shows "free", then click "Change license"
    4. The next 'screen' is a pop-over window titled, "License Activation Guidance" - ignore the HUGE "1" "2" "3" and at the very bottom, click "Legacy License Key Activation"
    5. Next window pop-over gives the option to enter your Legacy License Key. (I had to find mine in original email from 2014 that has subject of "Your TeamViewer license" which was sent from [email protected])
    6. Enter original License Key in box, and click blue "Upgrade & Logout" button

    After doing the above, and re-logging in at, my license immediately had changed from "free" to "Business + Meeting Crew"

    IN ADDITION, I had to sign out of TeamViewer Remote Control software on my computer, and sign on again. My software license information has changed from "Free" to "Business", and is showing an expiration of 1/1/2026

    Lastly, I have not actually tried updating any of my actual TeamViewer software, because I wanted to create this post while it was "fresh" in my mind.

    I'm not going to comment on my opinion of TeamViewer as a company, but I can say that while I was not happy with the prospect of "losing" my perpetual licenses by their arguably greedy choice to depreciate functionality, I do not think this "complimentary" offer has been made out of kindness, nor do I think it would be available without their fear of a tangible risk of significant legal repercussions.

  • DaveMichaeli
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    Hello Esther - I'm looking to get some official clarification. I currently have a v11 Business perpetual license. The original post referenced versions up through and including v10 that were able to upgrade to v15 for the remainder of their 10-year period. But then as I read through these posts, I saw that v11 & v12 were also eligible to run the v15 software using their old perpetual licenses. Is that correct? I tried to get that to work, but I can't get my v11 license working and the v15 software is running in trial mode. I reached out to tech support, and this is the response I received:

    Hello Dave,

    Thank you for your feedback. As you can see in the article you sent me, this is for the versions that no longer have server access (versions 8-10). However, since version 11 still works normally and has server access, you cannot use version 15 with your license.

    Kind regards

    [personal information removed]

    Customer Support Specialist

  • Esther
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    HI Dave, Thanks for reaching out. I am happy to clarify this for you. My colleague is right: As there is no discontinuation of server support for TeamViewer 11, 12, 13, 14 there is no complimentary TeamViewer 15 access for these versions. You can still use TeamViewer 11 after September 15th, 2021 👍 In case there will be a discontinuation for other versions in the future, we will of course announce this accordingly.

    Besides that, you can make an update of your license to a TeamViewer subscription that enables you to always use the latest version.

    I hope that info helps you.

    Best, Esther

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  • DanieleB
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    As stated by other users Perpetual licenses are not arbitrarily limited to a few years, but are meant to never end. If Teamviewer wanted to limit their lifetime then this should have been done by informing the customer at the moment of purchase.

    All perpetual licenses should be honored with an upgrade that is not arbitrarily time limited!!

    This is the second time that Teamviewer is creating huge difficulties to their paid customers by forcing them to move to a more recent platform and is despicable.

  • Kriangsit
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    With the message that pop-up !

    What will happen to the licenses the company has purchased permanently version 10 ?

  • shsamir
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    I am having a 'small business' license for TV version 7, what will happen after 31st Dec. '22? to my license?

  • Tech_Tharsis
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    Hello. I need some official clarification on our situation: we have TeamViewer 9 Corporate with 6 simultaneous channels. So, if i understand this correctly, on September 15th, 2021 our "perpetual" TV version isn't supported anymore, it becomes unable to connect to TV Servers, and rendered useless, but now our TV 9 license allows us to use TV 15 up to December 31, 2024. At that point, our options would be to pay for the new anual subscription model, or move to another solution. Is that so?

    6 channels means that we would need 2 corporate subscriptions for USD 200/month, or USD 2400 anually, right? I must say that this is quite expensive.

    Also, i received no mail contact warning me of such a policy change. Why it's so?

  • BradMiletich
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    I have an email from TV saying this will never happen I got it before I purchased the software another large company screwing over the little guy


  • seromaltd
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    I have a team viewer license no 9. I continue getting message alerts for updating to 15. When I read the comment on the same issue, I don't know what to do with my client machines. When I try to update, I get a response of buying another license of 15. Please advise.


  • Belwest
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    The same question? but with version 8.

  • JeanK
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    Hello @seromaltd and @Belwest,

    You need to update your clients to a supported version (TeamViewer 11 or newer).

    After the 15th September 2021, you won't be able to connect to clients with versions 8, 9 and 10 as stated in the announcement:

    Community Manager

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    I as I'm sure others have been putting up with the constant hoops over the years to maneuver me out of my lifetime license. They probably got some to give up and go with the subscription. It's almost comical. First not being able to connect to a newer version. I guess the word backward compatibility doesn't exist over there. Then basically burying the software so nobody could install it. Next I couldn't connect from different devices without moving my license. Oh let's not forget with almost every Win 10 update my license has to be reapplied causing me to waste time and eventually reset the number of moves (you could have just given me 100 given the frequency that it occurs. I'm sure it doesn't happen with the newer versions. All this cat and mouse nonsense. Hey you made a promise most likely to get funding which helped you get to where you are now. What is the risk reward? How many licenses are out there. As for me after all the nonsense to keep using my version I can guarantee you will not get another nickle out of me. There are plenty of options to not be held hostage by the corporate greed. A deal is a deal. If you are so concerned about my security, just move us up to the whatever version will provide the same connectivity we enjoy currently. The product works well but I'm not married to it. I thought I was but you guys have tried for years to get me to upgrade via invasive solicitations within the software and the little annoying roadblocks but now you've filed the divorce papers..

    This will get you nothing but bad PR and legal grief (of which I am wholeheartedly in on). Whoever made this call is a **bleep**. You were once and innovative company. This may be a turning point. Given the conduct of other big tech the tide is turning and a lawsuit may be more than you bargained for with the right judge and punitive damages. You are basically giving the finger to your core investors who won't sink another dime into your company after breaking the initial contract which by the way doesn't expire and would only die with the death of the company. Any other way is unacceptable and shameful.

  • mfromnmp
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    I guess teamviewer Perpetual licenses was a scan.

    Hope some lawyer will pick this up and make sure you get a lot of bad PR and waste a lot of money.

    We will look for another solution at the end of 2022. You will not get 1 cent from us!

  • Belwest
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    After simple update program become with free license and how to register it with old license number I don't know. I think that I need to do something with my 8th ver. serial number ... but what?

  • JeanK
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  • Alexo
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    Cool bait and switch. I'll see you in small claims.

  • Brandtek
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    Completely agree. Constant messing about over the years with my licence.

    I am now working out which alternative I should use. TeamViewer's regret over offering perpetual licences is not my mistake. I paid hundreds in good faith and I refuse to now pay more.