Connection from Android to PC


Hi, everybody! Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to reach either of 2 remote unattended Windows laptop PCs from an Android. 1 laptop PC is running Windows 11, and the other laptop PC is using Windows 10. Both PCs are listed with my TV account, and both PCs have been granted Easy Access. I have TV 15 on both PCs and on the Android, too. (Android 11 on the phone.)

Right now, I cannot initiate a connection from the Android to either computer. In addition, I cannot initiate a connection from the Windows 11 PC to the Windows 10 PC or the Android. (Temporarily cannot check the Windows 10 PC.)

I get a confirmation box on the remote PC, and there's no connection until the confirmation is authorized. This is a problem because there isn't anybody at the remote PC, so the request for confirmation expires.

How can I get past the request for confirmation? I simply want to pick up my phone and connect to the selected PC


  • hendis
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    Although reaching either of the 2 PCs listed above is the primary problem, here's something else: I can connect from the Windows 11 PC to the Windows 10 PC, but when I open a program on the remote computer, it shows up as a white box. Also, the cursor from my Windows 11 computer won't select anything.