Complimentary TeamViewer 15 access for legacy versions to be deprecated



  • mex41
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    The best way to settle this dispute is for Teamviewer to give access to the oldest version available, so version 11 with lifetime license to replace versions 7-8-9-10.


  • mwdiaz
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    why if my Team Viewer 8 was deprecieted by the company until september 15, why you dont let me work normaly? you reduced my time connection on Teamviewer 8 to 3 minutes , its hard to work with many conections to need to reconnect every few minutes

  • As a long standing client of team viewer it is a abysmal that team viewer is engaging in deceitful business practices refusing to honour perpetual licence that I have paid for for both as as an original purchase and an update. Perhaps new clients should be made aware of this and know that Team Viewer as a company is possibly facing bankruptcy and does not honour previous purchases

  • TJaffe
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    I will enjoy adding myself to any class action suit that follows this forced migration from my perpetual license to a subscription. There appears to be deceptive practices that should be pretty easily proved in a court. My lifetime / perpetual license was not advertised with any caveats at the time of my expensive license purchase. I intend to be very active and vocal about this bait and switch, and will spend actual money to NOT give TV any more of said money. (Excuse me while I start contacting class action lawyers with a link to this tread).

  • TJaffe
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    3 words: class action lawsuit.

  • Andreas_Dalichow_66
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    What is the alternative for Windows XP embedded? Version 15 does not run on XP embedded. And version 11 has massive problems as a personalised version. Is there a 15 version for XP embedded that I don't know about? Where can I find the corresponding solution?

  • bigtonto
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    Yes I also need a solution for a number of xp embedded machines as v11 won't work only v10. We also still have some industrial machines running windows 2000, only TV v8 works on these. What is the TV solution for these machines?

  • Esther
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    Hi @Andreas_Dalichow_66 @bigtonto

    As you might know, we are no longer actively servicing Windows 2000Windows XPWindows Vista, or Windows Server 2000/2003/2008. You can continue using the last supported version of TeamViewer on those operating systems which is TeamViewer 14.2, but we are no longer providing updates or fixes which are specific to them. See this announcement for more details.

    Please keep in mind that TeamViewer is not supported on embedded systems.

    Thanks and best, Esther

    Former Community Manager

  • Andreas_Dalichow_66
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    Version 14.2? The personalised QuickSupport version is only created for me in version 14.7! How do I get version 14.2 for testing?

  • erpservice
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    Looks like company agony. You make me sad, TV. I was happy to use you software in years.

  • vstman
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    I purchased a P 5.x license and have ignored TV sneaky methods to convert me to a sub. Now I have to deal with the 5 min disconnects and password reentry. TV is a POS. I paid for a product that TV advertised and now I am supposed to give in to TV tricks. Not happening. I'd join a class action today if we would be allowed. No honesty in TV Company!

  • DanielHorng
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    Yes, I have a ***PERPUTUAL*** Corporate license for teamviewer 8.

    Who gives you the right to change our ***PERPUTUAL*** license to 2023-12-31?

  • ricksim
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    Hi Management Team,

    We originally purchased TeamViewer 6 and upgraded it to TeamViewer 9 perpetual licenses . The complimentary access to TeamViewer 15 should be free until December 31 2024 isn't it? We have not been told and been paying Teamviewer 15 subscription for the last 3 years. Kindly advise and i hope that company will not push us to find different solutions...


  • Esther
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    Hi ricksim,

    Yes - the complimentary TeamViewer 15 access corresponding to 10 years of server service from purchase year. When you bought TeamViewer 9 back in 2014 and didn´t update after that - you get complimentary access to TeamViewer 15 until December 31, 2024.

    This is independent of any additional licenses you bought later. So the TeamViewer subscription you have is not affected by this if it has been bought as an additional license.

    Thanks, Esther

    Former Community Manager

  • Marcus_Kist
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    Olá. Um verdadeiro absurdo. Temos licença vitalícia! Eu não irei fazer textão. Apenas notifico que iremos entrar com um processo assim que tiver que pagar. Temos e-mail comprovando a compra vitalícia e mais dezenas de reclamações aqui no fórum que irão comprovar a mudança de regras após a compra do produto lesando o comprador.

    Hello. A real nonsense. We have a lifetime license! I'm not going to do textão. I just notify you that we will file a lawsuit as soon as i have to pay. We have email proving the lifetime purchase and dozens more complaints here in the forum that will prove the change of rules after the purchase of the product harming the buyer.

  • ricksim
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    Hi Esther,

    Thanks for your response. Currently i have 3 channels of version 15 which expire next year June. How can i activate or merge my version 9 license into my current version?

  • Esther
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    HI @ricksim Thanks for getting back to me. May I ask you to check-in with our license experts so that they can review the setup?

    Thanks and best, Esther

    Former Community Manager

  • PsuFan
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    edited August 2021

    We connect to industrial hardware still running Windows 2000, if you discontinue support for TeamViewer 8 (the last version that supports Windows 2000) we will no longer be able to connect to our hardware and will cancel our subscription.

    Edit: you say version 14.2 works on Windows XP / 2000? Do we get disconnected every 5 minutes from 14.2? Where do I download 14.2?

  • cday2003
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    I have a teamviewer 12 license and I am getting the upgrade to 15 message, and a 5 minute disconnect notice, I thought this forced upgrade was only for versions 8-10?

  • User2345652
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    The wayback machine is still works, folks!

    What can we see here ? Hmm tv 7 can be used for unlimited period ! O, channels must work too! And contact list with computers!

    How can anyone from tv explain me why i cant use this if i had already paid for that ? And what about unlimited period for a remote controll sessions ? There is no words about any LANs . Security reasons ? MAKE A FIXES ! NOW!

  • User2345652
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    Count me in for a Class Action lawsuit

  • IVISsupport
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    Count me in for a Class Action lawsuit. I have also contacted the Attorney General of my state.

  • AtomskaSarma
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    Count me in for a Class Action lawsuit, too.

  • Cavadias
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    People in the USA can try to make their statement through Better Business Bureau®. Teamviewer promises to address their queries there.

    I hope their legal department run an audit to their marketing and sales as we are all very confused and a lot of subscribers feel ugly.

  • cfairweather
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    TeamViewer will become a dishonorable company unless they reverse the terrible decision to force out perpetual license users. I have strongly supported TeamViewer for many years and feel bad that I have recommended it to so many people. I like doing business with companies that keep their word, just like I do. Whoever is running TeamViewer is obviously not paying attention to what is going on and greed is causing people to make decisions that the company will eventually regret. The monthly charges that TeamViewer is now charging are truly outrageous. The small guy cannot afford this product anymore so I believe TeamViewer will see a sharp decline in business. To the person in charge of TeamViewer: Please reverse this decision and be fair with us. Thank you.

  • phgibson65
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    In my opinion these upgrades and non backward/forward compatibility is a "money generating" exercise and not much else.

    Because fundamentally there is nothing essential different offered between the versions - other than the license holder cant use the license with any different versions. It is very frustrating as one is forced to maneuver between the various versions to try and connect to a remote person, who inevitably has been tricked/maneuvered into upgrading. Upgrades should be free for license holders. I bought several licenses in the past, but based on these license frustrations I am looking for a new solution and it wont be with Teamviewer. Thinking **Third Party Product** is a much more viable solution without all the license shenanigans.

  • JvEekeres
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    Another cooperate perpetual user here.

    I'm not a lawyer but also believe the word perpetual leaves little open for interpretation. That said there are many companies where a perpetual license does not mean that support for older versions is maintained. In this case of teamviewer a free upgrade to a newer perpetual license that gives access to newer versions is an acceptable alternative although there will always be those that disagree or believe that enforcing the upgrade still violates the perpetual term.

    But I would like teamviewer management and this community to question the current situation. Only the 8-10 version licenses are eligible? Why not 8-14? Why give the 8-10 buyers a free upgrade but not the 11-14 buyers? Why not give the 11-14 user a choice to upgrade? Do you really want to give away free upgrades ONLY to users for which you discontinue your support?

    Isn't that an incentive for users to never upgrade as they now learned they will get it for free when you 'have to' discontinue the perpetual part of their license? You, teamviewer, decided to limit perpetual licenses to upgrades for 1 year only and made further upgrades a paid option. In my humble opinion stepping away from that model means stepping away from it for all users. Not just those that remained on an older versions. And not because of a legal issue, just because it makes no sense whatsoever.

    Thank you

    Jeroen van Eekeres

  • robertk
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    Hi @Esther

    I have a commercial license however I have a number of Mac osx machines running Teamviewer 10 on OSX 10.7.4. Can't update Teamviewer on these machines past 10and can't upgrade OSX due to legacy software running on this machine.

    Any time I connect to this machine I get the version 15 warning and only get 5 minutes connection time.

    What happens with this after September 15th?

    I really need unlimited time access to this machine remotely.