I have activated my account 3 times now but it is still showing as a free version

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I purchased TeamViewer remote support today. We need it to be able to remotely control the computer that manages our HVAC system. I used to have a free account but upgraded it to a paid subscription.

When I log into the customer portal page, it shows me as a paid customer and shows my activated license. When I log into any other part of TeamViewer it shows me as still being a free user. When I installed the program on the computer to be managed and logged in, it also says I'm a free user still.

The account shows as active so why can't I use it?


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    Hi @schumacherem,

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community!

    Please know that TeamViewer license activation differs from activation of the customer portal. And activating the TeamViewer license with your TeamViewer account is essential in order to make a licensed connection.

    To activate your TeamViewer license with your TeamViewer account, please check the activation link which is sent out to the purchase email from TeamViewer.

    Once you could confirm the activation link, you are ready to take the activation procedure. Kindly follow the step-by-step process written here: Activate and set up your Remote Access license

    If any issue persists after this, we recommend contacting our support team for further investigation.

    Please tell us again in this thread if you have any difficulties contacting the support team!

    Hope you find this helpful.



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