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Cancel my subscription



  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,257 [Former Staff]

    Hi @QiuHongyun,

    Thank you for the detailed explanation. 🙌

    Please note that to terminate a license, customers need to submit a ticket 28 days prior to the renewal date, as stated in our EULA.

    We explain how to proceed in this Knowledge Base article right here:

    Also, we explain all possibilities about how to submit a ticket here:

    Our goal is to provide transparent information and we are constantly working on improving this in our platforms.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.



    Former Japanese Community Moderator
  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,257 [Former Staff]

    Hi @John123456789,

    Thank you for your post.

    Please make sure that you submit a form with your licensed account otherwise it comes to the community page as you mentioned.

    Also please feel free to call our support team directly, so they will be happy to assist you:

    Hope this information will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding and I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards,


    Former Japanese Community Moderator
  • KelPel
    KelPel Posts: 1

    I've been trying for several weeks to cancel my subscription. It looks like it hasn't worked as I just got an invoice. Can you please refund any charges if there were any and cancel my subscription?


  • Colin12
    Colin12 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited July 16

    I have cancelled my account/contract and was billed.

    I am going to call my credit card company to reverse the charge. As its impossible to cancel the contract. I did not want to renew the contract as I don't use the service anymore.

    Please cancel my contract ASAP, or I will be contacting my credit card company to report your company with a fraudulent charge.

  • jpidgeon
    jpidgeon Posts: 1




  • dkryukov
    dkryukov Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I have sent a ticket on June 8 2021 with a request to cancel my subscription. Yesterday I got charged $448 for auto-renewal which I thought I had cancelled two months ago. MORE THAN 28 DAYS ago. Ticket #35715823

    Please refund me my money immediately and cancel this scam subscription of yours. I can't log in to my "client portal" which wants a "code sent during activation". I don't have any code. I can't request a new code to activate.

    As someone said - the product is (was?) good, but your greed and sloppy customer service is just not worth it.

  • Justin
    Justin Posts: 552 Moderator

    Hello @Colin12, @jpidgeon,

    To cancel your subscription, you have to submit a ticket to our support, so our sales team can have a look into it.

    You can find out how to do this here:


    Hello @dkryukov, unfortunately, I couldn't find a ticket with the number you gave me. Actually, I couldn't find any tickets created on your account.

    You can create a new ticket with the link I provided above, if that doesn't work I can create a ticket for you.

    Let me know.



    German Community Moderator

  • dkryukov
    dkryukov Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited August 5

    Very convenient.

    Look, I will not repeat what others said here before. Your product is good. But your greed is what will make you go bust eventually.

    I have never seen such arrogant cancellation policy. I have contacted American Express, I have put TeamViewer on the black list and I will dispute this payment. You will never ever get more money from me.

    Attached is a screenshot from TeamViewer -- my request has been filed two months ago.

  • Justin
    Justin Posts: 552 Moderator

    Hello @dkryukov,

    Thank you for the screenshot.

    A ticket for you has been created, I also attached your provided screenshot. Someone will be in touch with you soon.

    I will keep an eye on it so that your request is definitely resolved.

    I apologize for any inconvenience caused.



    German Community Moderator

  • jerrysteinle
    jerrysteinle Posts: 1

    how so i get team viewer out of my computer?