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  • fogelfish
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    I started with a perpetual version 6 license.  I use this to support our customers.

    I upgraded my license to version 9 and was successful at that.  It is now at v9.0.224135.  I then created a Quick Support module for my customers.  In my testing of that I see it too is v9.0.224135.

    However, when I installed the Quick Support module on one of my computers and then attempted to connect to it from my licensed software, I was informed that "The remote TeamViewer is running an old version which is out of date.  Therefore you cannot connect to this Version anymore."

    Both versions are identical, and the whole purpose of this upgrade path for perpetual license holders of legacy versions was so that we could continue to use TeamViewer and for many of us to support our customers using (now) version 9.  Why can't I connect to the Quick Support module?

  • Esther
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    Hi @fogelfish 

    Thanks for your message.

    From the error message you described it looks like the license was not active on the device you were connecting from or the TeamViewer Account, you were logged in to.

    Would you mind checking under Help --> About TeamViewer what it says about your license?

    If I am correct, you simply need to activate the license again on the device.

    I hope this info helps,


    Former Community Manager

  • I have two licenses ( 7 change to 9 and 13 )

    This solution don't work for me - always i download QuickSupport in version 13 not 9

  • awestveer
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    Many of our customers are running Windows XP (embedded) with a branded TV Quick Host and a fixed TV password. I want to prepare a new branded Quick Host 9 with a fixed password, but the trouble is that I can not create a branded version relase 9 from within the TV Management Console Design & Deploy. Also with downloading older version this is not able to do.

    What do you suggest?


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,052 Former Community Manager

    Hi @awestveer 

    Thanks for your post.

    Did you make sure that the license for TeamViewer 9 is activated on the TeamViewer account you are using for creating the customized Host module?

    Please see this article for more information:

    Thanks and best,


    Former Community Manager

  • I also have a similar problem. I managed to create the QS v9 by entering my profile and change the license version to 9 but it does not take my fixed password.

  • fogelfish
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    One of my licensed users apparently did not have to apply the original license once TeamViewer was updated, and so I didn't either, but that was the problem.  I had to apply my original license after I upgraded to version 9.  Now I can connect to other version 9 free clients.

  • Ok in the systems it runs, I updated, but how can I use wen the version 9 not runs? like in the Live XP located in Hiren's BootCD 15.2 ? any ideia? the 9QS version shows this errorRemote session.png

  • Dears, 

    when you say that the older version would still be active until the 5th of February, you mean that even the 5th are online, or we can consider the upgrade campaign applicable until the 23:59 of the 4th?


  • our team viewer desktop is currently v11...

    but our remote applet was created back in version 5 or 6...

    our issue is this applet resides on ALL of our clients computes and is only activated when we ask them for what? We were unaware this applet would expire....

  • JohuK
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    We still have some production systems controlled by Windows 2000. We have been able to work with them using TV7 now with the cancellation of 5-7 we moved to TV8 on those machines, but Teamviewer 8 causes always an error during software startup and will not run. The services is alive in the background but no desktop GUI

  • ITGod
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    This is the first time I'm seeing this.  I have over 400 machines with TV7 running on them.  Users cant do any updates.  Is there a way I can turn 7 back on until I get these machines replaced in the spring?

    Jim Ponder

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    @Esther wrote:

    Hi all,

    As announced before and as most of you have noticed in the past days, we disconnected the TeamViewer versions 5, 6, and 7 from our servers on January 15th, 2020.

    Please find the original announcement and our reminder above.

    We emailed license holders inviting them to enjoy the free upgrade to TeamViewer in version 9 and to make sure remote endpoints are updated to TeamViewer 9 in time.

    Some customers informed us that they did not receive the email we were sending out. Our engineers found out that there was an issue in our emailing system, which causes that some customers did not receive the information via email. We apologize for that, sincerely.

    In the meantime, we were able to fix the mailing issue. Unfortunately, some remote endpoints of our customers could not be updated to TeamViewer 9 before January 15th, 2020.

    We, therefore, decided to re-activate TeamViewer in version 5, 6 and 7 until February 5th, 2020.

    We invite you to update your remote machines at the earliest convenience. You are now again able to connect to those devices and make a remote update during the connection.

    While TeamViewer 8 and above received some security patch in December, the versions older than TeamViewer 8 couldn’t be updated hence the importance of updating to a more modern version.

    Thank you for your understanding and enjoy your new features.




  • DrmWEaver
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    You mention that you sent an email notification about this change in version support and free upgrade to version 9.  I, along with many many others, did not receive this email.  I know I receive email from you since I receive them for computer access activations when logging into Teamviewer on new computers.  What gives?  Now I have computers that still have version 7 installed and no way to reach them.  The only reason I found my way here was because I noticed that my personal computers were no longer able to connect to the Teamviewer servers.

  • ITGod
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    So since folks weren't notified, you therefore gave us an extra month to prep for this?  I have machines spread out throughout the entire state of North Carolina.  How am I supposed to drop everything and do this upgrade when only given one month to prep?  This is absurd.  Think about a much longer prep time and turn TV5, 6, and 7 back on!


  • ruymbeke
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    TV 5 portable was the only version running on Win PE which was a great way to remotely monitor system maintenance such as offline backup and restore. Since TV 5 access has been turned off the 5th of February 2020 and as of today there are no other TV version that can be used on a Win PE installation (nor a native 64 bits version of TV), can you please provide asap a working solution that can run with only a system account (because WinPE does not have any user account required by the new TV versions) ? Thank you very much for your consideration.
    Best Regards,

  • okl

  • pistoff
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    I bought a perpetual license for Teamviewer 9&10. Unilateral alteration to the agreement by Teamviewer is permissible with NOTICE, but must respect the basic legal principle that both parties receive some sort of consideration in any contractual agreement. Altering the agreement in their own favor (in ANY way, financial, efficiency, internal organizational structure etc.) creates a situation where any protest to a modification is a very strong legal tool indeed. If a signer protests an agreement modification FOR CAUSE, the protest itself will (almost) automatically win and void the modification. Lets build a huge class action lawsuit!

    One "FOR CAUSE" complaint could the imposition of hardship and expense : Teamviewer's modification of my perpetual license agreement creates a heavy burden to travel to all 10 of my locations and install new software (can't do it remotely).

    Another "FOR CAUSE" basis might be that Teamviewer has not in good faith maintained and improved the product. They have abrogated their obligation to correct bugs and instead just tell you to buy a newer version (they won't even take a bug report!).

    Another "FOR CAUSE" basis might be that the new version of software has different features that create a heavier load on the processor and higher bandwidth usage. Since I have 6 years of usage on my PERPETUAL license, I naturally have adjusted various aspects of my internal systems and processes to fit this software. Imposition of a new version, even if they don't charge for it, creates additional expense that was not contemplated in the original agreement.

    Another "FOR CAUSE" basis might be - I had to replace my existing Teamviewer and it turned out that a different software was a better choice - Since Teamviewers action is the proximal cause of the burden/loss/expense/etc, arguably Teamviewer would be responsible for refunding the cost of the new software up to the amount I paid for my Teamviewer in the first place, in order to make me whole from my loss. They can argue that I received some value and attempt to depreciate their obligation - but determining the amount would have to be calculated proportionally based on years used and the lifetime of the product. Since 6 years is a vanishing fraction of forever, the depreciation would be mathematically approaching zero.

  • This article is really useful for me. I am also come here to explore this problem. Great Work.

  • DrewNick
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    I've been using Teamview since version 4 and love it.

    I have numerous business licences and a premium licence for version 7, and I know they all stopped working today.

    People are reporting that they received an email with instructions on how to upgrade their version 7 licence to a version 9 licence for free. I never received the aforementioned email.

    How do I go about increasing my seven licences to nine? Do I just use my licence from 7 in 9?