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[Update: 14.1.3399] TeamViewer 14

DanielStm Posts: 224 Staff member 🤠

TeamViewer 14 in light and dark modeTeamViewer 14 in light and dark mode

Dear Linux community, today we are releasing TeamViewer 14 into the wild.

2018-10-23: TeamViewer 14.0.8346 (preview)
2018-11-21: TeamViewer 14.0.14470 (final)
2018-12-13: TeamViewer 14.1.3399

New Interface
The most obvious change you'll notice is that we're now using the same interface as on the other platforms. In the options dialog you can switch the color theme to dark mode, if you find it more pleasing. Now, this is more than just eye candy: some people will find the dark mode less exhausting for the eye. But also you'll find some tiny enhancements and improvements in the new UI. It is also the base for new features that had no place to go in the old UI.

Custom Device Information Custom Device InformationCustom Device Information
One of those features is the new Custom Device Information, available for licensed customers. It allows you to define a set of (custom) labels for your company, and assign values to all the devices in your Computers & Contact list.

Bits & Pieces
Computer & Contacts has a new panel on the right, showing details about a contact and offering ways to interact. If available with your license, custom device information is also embedded there. Also new is the instant connect area on top op the window, allowing to connect by ID without leaving the current tab. Many dialogs have been streamlined to match the new look.

Compatibility with older distros
We updated our dependencies to Qt 5.5 and might go to 5.6 within the next year. This gives us many new options to create a good UI, and can help us to improve HighDPI suport.
On the other hand, we are aware that some of our customers are still on systems that don't sport Qt 5.5 (or 5.6). For this reason, we added a compatibility library to our repository, providing Qt for TeamViewer if you don't have it. This enables you to update from TV13 to TeamViewer 14 on Debian 8 and Ubuntu 14.04.

To revert to TV13 and control which updates to receive, have a look at these commands:

# be root
apt install teamviewer=13.2.13582
teamviewer repo main stable
apt update
# or, to stick to tv13
teamviewer repo tv13

# overview
teamviewer help

# revert to default / all updates with
teamviewer repo default
apt update
apt install teamviewer


2018-11-21 Update
The final release contains a few more bug fixes, including

  • middle click support and improved keyboard handling.
  • The preview had been removed from the repository because some customers were not expecting to be updated to a preview. In the future, you will have to explicitly opt-in to have preview versions offered to you. (Note that we never update silently. Updates are installed together with system updates, either manually or automatically, depending on your settings)
  • The first final was published a week ago, but not put in the repository, as there was a connectivity issue that we wanted to tackle before recommending the update.

2018-12-13 Update
Last week, TV 14.1 has been released, and now (2018-12-18) it is also available via the repository. The most important change might be a crash fix. It was long standing, but tricky to track down, as only a few people seemed to be affected. The crash occurred sporadically when starting a connection via the Computer & contacts list.
If you experience crashes, you can help us by submitting log files and crash dumps. It's easier to than you might think: Just click Help / Feedback and select attach log files.
Minor improvements include open MCO directly from the main menu (before it was only available on a button in the C&C list, which seemed to be harder to find). Also, the columns in the file transfer are now sortable. Messageboxes in Fluxbox have been fixed.


As always, packages are available via repositories and on the TeamViewer Linux download page.

All the best,

Linux Developer


  • DanielStm
    DanielStm Posts: 224 Staff member 🤠

    @oliverneumann: If you miss a feature and it keeps you from updating, please let your sales representative know, or contact support. They'll keep track of the most requested features.


    Linux Developer
  • I was forced to upgrade to this version as I was getting warnings "Can't connect to the remote host as they have a newer version" and now I appear to have been downgraded from Business licence to Free.... What happened???

  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,259 [Former Staff]

    Hi djandiek,

    Thank you for posting.

    From your post, it sounds like you have a V13 only license.

    If you have purchased a V13 perpetual license, you would need to have V13 in order to use your license.

    The devices you are connecting to would also need to be on V13. Therefore please make sure that both of side are using the version you purchased.  

    If it is the case and you would like to use version 14, you would need to update your license to a subscription, you can contact our sales team here.

    Hope this information is helpful for you.

    Best regards,

    Former Japanese Community Moderator
  • Brano
    Brano Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Remote system information is missing on the native linux client. It used to be present on the wine version.

    Also 14 preview is crashing often on Kubuntu. Especially when more than one connection is established.

  • exactt
    exactt Posts: 22

    TV14 was automatically installed on my system. I don't need the new stuff TV14 offers and mobile connections still don't work. So the important question is: will we still get fixes for TV13? The login issue with the grayed out login screen is really super annoying.

     P.S. How do I get back to TV13 and prevent auto-update to TV14?

  • DanielStm
    DanielStm Posts: 224 Staff member 🤠

    @exactt, please keep the account login issue in this thread.

     P.S. How do I get back to TV13 and prevent auto-update to TV14?

    # be root
    apt install teamviewer=13.2.13582
    teamviewer help
    teamviewer repo tv13
    # revert to default / all updates with
    teamviewer repo default
    apt install teamviewer

    See How to update TeamViewer on Linux via repository



    Linux Developer
  • exactt
    exactt Posts: 22

    @DanielStmThx a lot!

    I will stick with 13.2.26559 though. The Ctrl-key bug is somehow equally frustrating than not being able to login...

  • To ensure that Teamviewr doesn't auto-update, use this command:

    sudo apt-mark hold teamviewer

    To undo this command (back to normal updates):

    sudo apt-mark unhold teamviewer
  • I have the same problem..under Linux Mint Rosa 17.3, Teamviewer 13 and now 14 preview does not want or is unable to save my free user account information.  In my home personal network I manage like 7 PCs mixed Linux and Windows 7 & 10.  I  always have to resort to reinstall at every start up of my Mint Rosa 17.3 system. I can't even click on the fields for entering the information.  Can something be done to resolve this issue?  

  • I'm running TV14 on x11 and speaking of pleasing interface, I have two issues:

    first, although my launcher icon is OK (comes from my icon theme in svg), the running app's icon in my dock is different (comes from TV bin folder, TeamViewer..png)

    second, the same png icon is shown when OSD notification appears; the problem with this is that it is badly scaled and on my 13" screen it is HUGE (like one fifth of my screen)

    is there a way to make TV14 use system icons instead?

  • Hello,

    We've installed the Beta (this exact version) on the latest version of Mojave (macOS Mojave 10.14) and I've experienced periodically sluggish connection problems and "view updates". When you minimize a window on the remote computer for example, it "hangs" for a second. If you type, you get to see the result like 2 or 3 seconds later. Like the computer is "slow" or the connection is bad, but both are NOT the case.

    When removing the Beta and installing the stable release (v13.2.14327 at this moment) all these problems are gone. The transitions on the remote computer are smooth, the typing is not delayed, ...

    REALLY FRUSTRATING in the new Beta !!!

  • DanielStm
    DanielStm Posts: 224 Staff member 🤠

    @kreatosict, thank you for your comment.

    Please note that you posted in the Linux section and your issues are about the macOS version. I'd suggest post in the common forum or contact support.


    Linux Developer
  • My apologies, will do.

  • Great to see Linux supported at launch!

    I had TeamViewer 12 installed previously, and now 14 preview. Things work quite flawlessly, with the exception of Alt-Tab not being forwarded to the session, but the host system instead. I think this has more to do with X11 capturing the events before TeamViewer even sees them than simply a missing feature in TeamViewer.

    I'm running Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 LTS 64-bit at the moment, but the issue looks to be quite universal. I can live with it, but it would be nice not having to avoid Alt-Tab (and a few others) using a Linux as a host computer.

    Oh, and Budgie 11 will be built on top of Qt instead of GTK+, and will sport Wayland instead of Xorg. Just so that things don't get too easy.

  • Okay, I poked my Linux around with a stick and I think I made Alt-Tab work. I'm not sure what distros can be workarounded by this, but it seems to be a Gnome/GTK+ thing. At least Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 works with it. YMMV as always.

    Install dconf-editor (sudo apt install dconf-editor) and navigate to org.gnome.desktop.vm.keybindings.dconf-editor.png

    Scroll down to switch-applications and switch-applications-backwards and edit them like so. The default values were ['<Super>Tab','<Alt>Tab'] and ['<Shift><Super>Tab','<Shift><Alt>Tab'] respectively, and they are shown in the dialog, too.

    Pros: Alt-Tab now gets redirected to TeamViewer session as expected.

    Cons: Alt-Tab doesn't work in Linux at all after the change, but Windows-Tab (uh, I mean, Super-Tab) works at the same time, and it feels actually quite convenient. (I didn't actually know that combo existed!)

    Possibilities: I think this can easily be scripted, so that first the key combo gets disabled, then TeamViewer starts, and when TeamViewer quits, the change gets reverted automatically.

    Threats: Accidentally causing unwanted changes and/or rendering Gnome unusable by messing around too much in dconf-settings.

    Perhaps this could be automated in TeamViewer such that the key combo gets automatically disabled/enabled whenever a TeamViewer window has/doesn't have focus? I didn't have to use sudo doing this, so it really could solve Alt-Tab and all the othe keycombos at one go...

    Source: [SOLVED] Disable Alt-Tab window switching in GNOME 3.10

  • I test this version, GUI not start without graphical login

    **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** G   SetUserLoggedIn(0xbbbfe30): changed to: 1
    **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** G!! ApplicationLookOfflineState::ApplicationAppearanceOfflineState: state not loaded, Errorcode=2
    **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** G!!!Own session could not be resolved, unable to startup, Errorcode=2
    **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** G Chat::Stop: Stopping chat
    **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** G!! ConfigurationHub::HandleRegistrationResponse(): registering for feature 9 failed with error 2, Errorcode=11
  • CTRL+... BUG not resolved in 13 & 14 :-(



  • How would I go about updateing to the preview?


  • We had multiple talks with your Sales Team.
    My boss bought the License for Version 13 unknowingly that there is no support for meeting.
    The sales team tried to push us to buy now the subscription for 14 with still no support for meeting. Considering that v14 has no real no relavent features that are of interest for our team its kind of a joke.

    Even though we have License for v13 we are still stuck with for linux.



  • I would still really like to know how to get the preview, 

  • DanielStm
    DanielStm Posts: 224 Staff member 🤠

    TV14 final is now in the repository and I updated the article accordingly.

    @Ketterer, see updated notes. However, no need for preview anymore, just update or install as always.

    @beroe667, thanks for letting the sales team know how important this feature is to you. The more people demand it, the sooner it will be implemented.

    @MattiViljanen, a workaround is good to have, but hopefully we can make this work by default. An application can "grab the keyboard", meaning it get's all keyboard input and not have some parts filtered out by the desktop. Stay tuned :robothappy:

    @tecodrive, @exactt: Ctrl key combinations should now work better, some fixes went in the final release.



    Linux Developer
  • Thanks folks, the important stuff works well.


    Not getting many random sign in problems either.


    Is there any way to make permanant changes to default options like 'show remote cursor' or always use scales view, even if it's just a config file change?


    Also all my errors and warning show up in a 1-pixel-wide box. I have to use a trick to maximise it and hit OK...

  • I updated to 14.0.14470 yesterday and so far nothing is more broken :)

    As said in another thread, there are a lot of settings missing in Linux client, e.g. always show client cursor. Also, and this is quite frustrating, I can't access management console staight from TeamViewer window. There is no Management Console in the Connection menu. Are the any plans in catching up with missing features?

  • DanielStm
    DanielStm Posts: 224 Staff member 🤠

    @Ctuchick@MattiViljanen good to hear :robothappy:

    Presets: If you can figure out the proper setting in Win registry, HKCU/Software/TeamViewer, then it will most likely work to put it in ~/.config/teamviewer/client.conf (close the ui before editing)
    I just did that and can verify that the following works:

    [int32] Remote_RemoteCursor = 1

    1-pixel errors: can you give a concrete example of such a message / context? Also, what distro/desktop combo?

    Management console: there actually is a link to it in the Computers & Contacts list menu, unfortunately it lacks the key functionality of loging you in... I just put both of that on our todo list.

    All in all, I hope you can see we catch up, but I too wish it could be faster.



    Linux Developer
  • beast-usa
    beast-usa Posts: 81 ✭✭

    Upgraded to 14 because like someone else said can't connect to newer versions. Let 13 connect to 14, or give us an option to rollback, overwrite newer versions with older ones that work remotely. Some of my customers are in other parts of the world walking them through the uninstall and reinstall is crazy.

    If I only had Linux I would be up the creek! I HATE windows but need to work with it since 14 just doesn't work on mine. I tried versions teamviewer_14.0.12762_amd64.deb & teamviewer_14.0.14470_amd64.deb. Same thing on both start the MONSTER HUGE thing, connect to one computer crash, connect to one computer I'm in! Connect to a 2nd computer crash start over. :(

    I liked the THIN look of 13 I don't need all the extra waste of space. The only thing I wanted was tabbed windows. :( instead we got some HUGE GUI I do NOT like that doesn't work. :(

    Case - Thermaltake Core V71
    Cooling - Water cooled, Raystorm Waterblock, 270 GPH Pond Pump, 5 Gallon Reservoir.
    Motherboard - Asus Rampage v Extreme (Bios 3101)
    CPU - Intel i7-6950X Extreme Edition @4000MHZ
    Memory - 64 gigs Crucial Ballistix Tractical DDR4-3000 15-15-15-33 CR2
    Video Card - EVGA RTX 2080 TI XC Ultra Stock Clock & Cooling.
    Hard Drives - Windows OS's Crucial M550's Raid-0, Xubuntu Seagate SATA III 1tb 64meg cache.
    Storage Drives - 2 Western Digital 5TB 128meg cache, 2 Seagate 4TB 256meg cache.
    Power Supply - Corsair 1050 watt SINGLE RAIL
    Screens - 3 Sceptre 40" 1920X1080
    OS's Xubuntu 18.0.4 x64, Windows 8 Pro x64 & Windows 10 Pro x64

  • @DanielStm


    The cursor trick (along with some other reg entries) does work, thanks.


    As for examples of 1x1 errors, it's lubuntu (same happens on xubuntu) and fluxbox as the DE:

    [Remove the link bu a moderator]



  • Hi,

    Liking the update, but...

    Where is the possibility to get Computers & Contacts in a separate window???

    Running Debian 9 TV14...



  • beast-usa
    beast-usa Posts: 81 ✭✭

    Still no reply on the constant random crashing?

    So annoying seems to be every year, renew, upgrade, nothing works for 6 to 9 months, starts working great time for the new version. :(

    Linux worked great then 14 added nothing I wanted and crashes on random connections. So I guess just like last year. Pay TeamViewer, use the free one that works. :(