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remove auto renew from my account

My company asked me to remove the auto renew option from my account.  They would like to be billed next year, or notified and a payment will be made online.  They do not keep auto-renew on any accounts because many have gone unnoticed for years.

Thanks for the help


  • wifiwarren
    wifiwarren Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I have a business license for Teamviewer 12 and need to get a response from teamviewer on my question of removing autorenew or the process to follow i.e. who to contact.

    Thank you

  • Reyhan
    Reyhan Posts: 270 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @wifiwarren

    Thank you for your post. Could you please contact our salesteam directly, please send your 
    inquiry to [email protected]

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards.

    Did my reply answer your question? Please accept it as a solution to help others, Thanks.
  • Ararag
    Ararag Posts: 2

    I tried to open a ticket to disable autorenew, but this was what I got as answer:

    "Unfortunately, I cannot disable the auto-renewal in advance, but do not worry. We will remind you 6 weeks before auto-renewal to make sure that you are informed about it. If at that time you still wish to terminate the contract, contact us again."

    This does not seem like an answer from a reputable company?! Surely I must be able to cancel the autorenew at any time, especially when there was no way to buy the product without autorenew!?

    I have made an attempt to challenge the original answer I got. Let's see how it goes...

  • Natascha
    Natascha Posts: 1,527 Senior Moderator

    Dear @Ararag,

    Thank you for your post. 

    As you mentioned, you are currently in contact with my colleague from the Sales department. He responded to you in the ticket. I hope, he could answer all your questions. 

    If you meant to terminate your subscription, this is possible at the moment. Please notice, that auto renewal is the only way to keep the discounted price. 

    I hope, your case will be solved. Please contact us again, if there are any further questions. :)

    I wish you a nice weekend. All the best,

    German Community moderator 💙 Moderatorin der deutschsprachigen Community

  • ventoshe
    ventoshe Posts: 1

    I did that too. 

  • jessc
    jessc Posts: 3

    I have tried so many times to get in touch with a manager from TeamViewer. I have the business subscription from a previous job and as I no longer work there I did not realize it would auto renew to my account. I was a PA and don't know why they would come after me for this. If they want me to take rent money to pay for this subscription that has not been in use since earlier this year, it shows how corrupt this company really is. As the production has ended I have no way of reaching out to them, yet the people I have talked to are not listening. I did not receive any warning. They did not remind me 6 weeks prior as it has said in several threads regarding this. Has anyone found a way to resolve this?

  • axxe
    axxe Posts: 3

    I had contact with TV support a year ago and arranged to disable auto-renew on my account. Today they charged my credit card for another year - no 6-week warning. I'm going to dispute the charge with my credit card.

  • Ararag
    Ararag Posts: 2

    So here I am a year later (please see my previous post). Teamviewer has charged the autorenewal on my credit card again despite my request already over a year ago to cancel the autorenewal. I have been in contact to support by phone, email and also made a ticket through the support webpage. It's been 11 days and no response to my ticket. Come on Teamviewer! I see no other option but to dispute the credit card charge.

  • They give no link on the portal to remove our credit card, and they are giving a fake an dead link on their community portal supposed to allow to change credit card informations. So if you take once the subscription, you are trapped. They will kidnapp your credit card informations and **bleep** your money every year. So bad. This was an honest and performing company in the past... Try alternative programs. There are many and honest. Just google '"teamviewer alternatives". Good luck...


    Try alternative programs. There are many and honest. Just google "teamviewer alternatives". Good luck.




  • Diagoras
    Diagoras Posts: 1

    I have the same problem but I bought the software online, so there is no salesman involved ! Why do you make this issue so difficunt to resolve ? I want to cancel my auto renewal now and you have to provide a swift and straightforward way to do it !

  • HartCraft
    HartCraft Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I am now in the process of canceling my subscription. I made a point of adding a calendar item to remind myself to do this well before the renewal date. Then I realized that if I died today, my children would be unaware of this upcoming $600 charge, and it could continue charging my account for something they would never use for years as they work their way through closing out my estate.

    I fully understand how and why companies want to do everything by pre-paid subscription; it provides a predictable income stream. But when one weighs that against customer experience, TeamViewer has absolutely lost my confidence.

    Add to that the fact that TeamViewer staff periodically post responses here on the forum indicating that cancelation cannot be handled through the forum, and it becomes clear that they are missing the point: nobody is trying to process cancelation by posting here; we are trying to communicate that they are losing customers due to a legal but very unsavory business practice.

     I dared not wait until any closer to the end than two months, lest I be caught by some last-minute internet outage or technicality. What I cannot tell yet is if my subscription will be canceled now, two months before it expires, or if it will properly be set to expire at the end of the period for which I  have already paid.

    I do not care too much either way now because 1) I am in the process of switching to another provider, 2) my credit card expired anyway, and I have not entered the new number, and 3) I already have TeamViewer's response acknowledging my cancelation request well ahead of 28 days. Of course, now I half expect to be told that the request has to be done at exactly 28 days instead of a minimum of 28 days.

    This is not to say that TeamViewer is doing anything remotely close to illegal, just that I also run a business and woud never dream of putting my customer relationship so far behind my cash flow requirements as TeamViewer does.

    Maybe someone can pay attention here and understand that this makes an otherwise-acceptable and viable service odious enough to many of us that we are going elsewhere. I wish this factor had not been important enough to make me leave. But it is, after all, still a free market (last I heard, anyway...)

    Goodbye, TeamViewer, and good luck!

  • bustamove7
    bustamove7 Posts: 5 ✭✭

    I'm going through the same hassle in trying to get them to cancel auto renew and cancel my account altogether.  It has been **bleep** trying to get them to cancel.

    What kind of company is TeamViewer!

  • HartCraft
    HartCraft Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I finally opened a ticket and got them to confirm that they will simply allow my account to expire. Then they tried to convince me that there really is a way for them to configure non-automatic charges.

    But because that was clearly something hidden from the user interface and intended only to try to pacify those customers persistent enough to get to this point in the system, I told them not to even try to convince me to stay, and my account is now set to expire at the end of this term.

    I have already started using another remote assistance provider. This treatment of us as customers is unacceptable. I suppose the numbers are in their favor, though; enough people will forget to cancel 28 days beforehand that the small guarantee of extended revenue stream may simply be more important to TeamViewer than the risk of lost customer retention due to the fact that they do not allow easy configuration of manual renewal.

    Besides that, they can then continue to collect from the bank account of a deceased person until the estate figures out that the account needs to be canceled.

  • MOcak
    MOcak Posts: 3 ✭✭
    edited March 2

    Last year they have auto renewed my account without my knowledge and sending any e-mails before 6 weeks or 28 days reminder. Plus the renewel price was higher than the previous price. More over, they insist not to cancel auto renewed invoice and gave it to horrible dept collector firms in europe, and they send horrible court threatening letters with post, at the end I had to at least deal with them for another year with the discounted price, Right now, I am not able to cancel auto renew again and they will not send email and same thing will repeat, Once you register as premium or business with Teamviewer they will **bleep** your money and will not give you a chance to escape.

    And Also that 3 device at the same time policy is very poor, everybody has 5-6 devices now including mobile phones and tablets.

  • MOcak
    MOcak Posts: 3 ✭✭

    That is not enough, they will give invoice to dept collector firms and they will follow you with court letters until you pay.

  • Lzlzou
    Lzlzou Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Hello all,

    I am in the same position, trying to cancel and just going round in the website with no luck. So far I done the following:

    Emailed them at [email protected] asking to cancel - well before the 28 days so this should not be a problem

    my credit card expired and I have not updated the records.

    Cancel the PayPal payment

    I will also call my bank and ask them to refuse the payment, as far as I am concerned TeamViewer have been notified, it is a total shame how they treat people.

    I cant wait for all this to be done and over and being able to move to a better provider.

    Good luck to all of you!

  • TS_Telecoms
    TS_Telecoms Posts: 2 ✭✭


    To be honest I had no intention to cancel our auto-renew. We have had our subscription for 3 years now. I was looking for how to locate the renewal date and update credit card. I just happen to come across this post.

    After reading this it is shocking to see how an established company resorts to such dirtly tactics. On a product basis, we have had no issues but will defiantly now make sure our subscription is cancelled.

    If you can make it easy to buy you can certainly make it easy for someone to find a link to cancel the auto-renew. Introducing a layer of complexity into something that should be quite simple is definitely a way to lose customers. Consumers should punish companies that used dirty tricks. I Will certainly cancel and I had no intention too..

  • ladidah
    ladidah Posts: 4 Newbie

    Absolutely dirty tactics - auto-renewing an unwanted subscription and then sending debt collectors after we had cancelled. It was also very difficult to cancel and get real support for the issue. Teamviewer has now lost our business for life and we will be sharing details of our experience with our community. There are so many better products out there with honest business practices and real aims towards customer satisfaction. Despicable !

  • NimaH
    NimaH Posts: 1 Newbie

    Very Very bad service..... They renewed my plan without sending a simple notification while I am not using Team Viewer long time. It's been few days I am following to return back money without any result ... I am sorry for Team Viewer...... They are cheating ......

  • afigelj
    afigelj Posts: 1

    Just wish to add our comment, so the community can see what they will be dealing with, if they subscribe.

    No reminder 6 week before. We simply received the invoice for the new period.

    But they didn't forget to send the reminder for the unpaid invoice 14 days later.

    And as @ladidah said: "Teamviewer has now lost our business for life".

  • SherylT
    SherylT Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Absolutely disgusting behavior as everyone here has noted.

    I called to downgrade my account from Corporate to Business 8 days prior to renewal. I was told that they need 28 days advance notice. I said that that was unacceptable. I am a 1-person business and do not need a Corporate license any longer that I signed up for years ago and kept being auto renewed without advance notice. 

    They offered me a 30% discount on a Corporate license which was still about three times the cost of a Business license. I said that is unacceptable also.

    I was told that they would discuss with management and get back to me. I got a call back saying the only thing they could do was a 40% discount. I was not happy but accepted that 40% discount.

    The next thing I know, I was charged the full price on PayPal, and all of my PayPal cash was withdrawn with the balance going onto my credit card. I have written back to TeamViewer regarding my disgust with such a dishonest company. I am disputing the charge on PayPal also.