How to cancel my order



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    I finally opened a ticket and got them to confirm that they will simply allow my account to expire. Then they tried to convince me that there really is a way for them to configure non-automatic charges.

    But because that was clearly something hidden from the user interface and intended only to try to pacify those customers persistent enough to get to this point in the system, I told them not to even try to convince me to stay, and my account is now set to expire at the end of this term.

    I have already started using another remote assistance provider. This treatment of us as customers is unacceptable. I suppose the numbers are in their favor, though; enough people will forget to cancel 28 days beforehand that the small guarantee of extended revenue stream may simply be more important to TeamViewer than the risk of lost customer retention due to the fact that they do not allow easy configuration of manual renewal.

    Besides that, they can then continue to collect from the bank account of a deceased person until the estate figures out that the account needs to be canceled.

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    Hi all

    Apparently, an email sent to discuss upgrading, is grounds for changing my licence from V12 perpetual to an unwanted and un-requested yearly subscription. My original email actully included these words... 'However, I don’t wish to pay for yearly upgrades/licences for my current support PCs'

    I am then told to open a support ticket! I didn't need this all the way through the Covid-19 lockdown, we issue a PO for any orders we place, none has been raised with Teamviewer.

    I can only guess that they are on the verge of administration, and need to steal as much money as possible, from their dwindelling customer base!

    I am told to raise a support ticket! Why, it's not a support issue, do their accounts have issues dealing with, oh you know, account queries?

    Then to my astonishment, they say they are going to take the money anyway! from where exactly. At least it's not my problem!

    I'm not a big user of Teamviewer anymore, so will be moving over to the **Third Party Product** platform or even **Third Party Product** and although the loss of revenue from me is low, the amount of customers I will now 'NOT' be recommending Teamviewer to, probably equates to £5k pa.

    Oh well, I used to think Teamviewer were a good company to deal with, however they appear to have lost

    • The ability to understand the English Language
    • How a Purchase Order actually works and what it means
    • Customer Service

    I sincerely hope you regain the ability to support YOUR customers, learn to read & understand emails

    Good luck with that!

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    this company is a rort


  • HI Want to Cancel my Subscription for a full Refund.Please guide me to cancel it.

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    i want to cancel.  cannot find where to cancel on website and phone reverts me to here

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    They do everything to not cancel your subscription!!!!

    I have posted support ticket to cancel subscription, and then support guy told to show him payment confirmation without this he won't cancel subscription !!!!!




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    How do you contact customer support to open a ticket.  The links seem to take you in a circle when trying to reach them and I am unable to get support on the phone.  I do not even own a business.  Trying to cancel this service to stop them from billing my credit card.  They are taking money from Veterans.

  • We have not used our license for over a year, and did not realize it was an automatic renewal... Actually we haven't used the license since we purchased it because it didn't work for our intended use... I would really appreciate a refund or a cancellation of the invoice we've been sent... this is a little ridiculous.


    Thanks. @Natascha 

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    I wish to cancel my subscription. When I try to submit a ticket the website tells me my password is wrong. Tried it several times, always the same thing. Same password logs me on here fine. When I click on "forgot password" I get no email.

    This is the sort of behaviour you expect of a service haemorrhaging users.

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    These instructions are out of date. There is no "submit a ticket" tab on the link given. The support page also does not accept my log in details. Additionally I am constantly being asked to verify my computer as a trusted device each time I try to log in.

    This seems blatantly obstructive when it comes to trying to cancel my subscription.


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    Hi @johnk3 ,

    Thank you for your post and I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    I have created a support ticket so please check your email and reply to the ticket with your request.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Former Japanese Community Moderator
  • I also have a problem canceling my subscription. I now receive an email from a debt collection company.  I want someone from the sales department to contact me at my email address.

  • This is a real Scam. they Charge you for next year of service and can't cancel it as they require 28 days cancelation it in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you don't need the service you didn't use it and they still charge you for it!!!!!!!!!!!What a great business model? why doest it take 28 days to cancel.

    I wish this company to loose customers and busness. No company which charge you for no service should get our business.

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    I need to cancel my suscription. I can't pay it any more, and I don't want to use it no more. Please! It's not correct to force the client to pay something when you consider that we must renew the contract!!!

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    Last year they have auto renewed my account without my knowledge and sending any e-mails before 6 weeks or 28 days reminder. Plus the renewel price was higher than the previous price. More over, they insist not to cancel auto renewed invoice and gave it to horrible dept collector firms in europe, and they send horrible court threatening letters with post, at the end I had to at least deal with them for another year with the discounted price, Right now, I am not able to cancel auto renew again and they will not send email and same thing will repeat, Once you register as premium or business with Teamviewer they will **bleep** your money and will not give you a chance to escape.

    And Also that 3 device at the same time policy is very poor, everybody has 5-6 devices now including mobile phones and tablets.

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    That is not enough, they will give invoice to dept collector firms and they will follow you with court letters until you pay.

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    I require our Auto renewal to be removed from our subscription

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    please cancel my subscription for account *Personal Information removed by moderator**. I haven't used your program for some time, I even deleted my account, but I see that you still issued my invoice. I mention that the cancellation procedure is much too difficult.

  • Esther
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    HI Claudia,

    All cancellations must be submitted in written form, by submitting a ticket. Written requests must be received by TeamViewer at least 28 days before the end of the initial subscription term or any subscription renewal term. Please understand that a cancellation via the community is not possible.

    See also:

    Thanks and best, Esther

    Former Community Manager

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    Same issue here

  • juanjgon
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    Unfortunately, I have the same problem. Unable to cancel and lack of communication. This is a nightmare!

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    Got same problem - as I see a lot of other people have! Not very good company ethics for sure!

    So how do you cancel License?

  • Esther
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    Answer ✓

    Hi there,

    thanks for your posts. It´s sad to read you want to cancel.

    However, we have a Knowledge Base article that gives you info all around a teamViewer subscription here:

    This article also explains how to cancel:

    How / until when can I cancel my subscription?

    For your security, all cancellations must be submitted in written form, by submitting a ticket. Written requests must be received by TeamViewer at least 28 days before the end of the initial subscription term or any subscription renewal term.

    I hope this helps you.

    Best, Esther

    Former Community Manager

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    Hello @RobB64 and @Jkosiaski58,

    The reason why you could not submit a ticket is that you didn't activate your license on your account.

    As mentioned in our article How to submit a ticket, "If the account is not linked to a valid TeamViewer license, the support portal will instead load the TeamViewer Community."

    We put this in place because we assumed that people who want to cancel the license are not happy with the product, after testing it.

    We are sorry to encountered these difficulties, but the solution was really just one step ahead.

    Community Manager

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    paypal automatically renews every year. no notification or warning. you just get a notification that money has been deducted from your account. for all those that have a similar problem ; cancel or downgrade your subscription at least 28 days before it renews. check on your invoice that you received last time. make 100% sure you do this in time. log a ticket with them even before that, so that you get a response and the issue logged in THEIR SYSTEM; also make sure that you have evidence of this on your email. Last but not least, always go through paypal so you can cancel the automatic payment once you notified teamviewer and you have your ticket with them.

    If they then refuse, you have all the evidence to cancel the subscription and place a dispute in with Paypal regarding TeamViewer. It will be granted since you cancelled in time, have the evidence and notified them of the cancellation.

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    This is a modern scam from a big company, maybe I should make a lawsuit for all the clients that are unable to cancel there subscriptions, and then if they lose the will have to pay everyone that the have scammed. So please write here about there scam.

  • Lzlzou
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    Hello all,

    I am in the same position, trying to cancel and just going round in the website with no luck. So far I done the following:

    Emailed them at [email protected] asking to cancel - well before the 28 days so this should not be a problem

    my credit card expired and I have not updated the records.

    Cancel the PayPal payment

    I will also call my bank and ask them to refuse the payment, as far as I am concerned TeamViewer have been notified, it is a total shame how they treat people.

    I cant wait for all this to be done and over and being able to move to a better provider.

    Good luck to all of you!

  • TS_Telecoms
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    To be honest I had no intention to cancel our auto-renew. We have had our subscription for 3 years now. I was looking for how to locate the renewal date and update credit card. I just happen to come across this post.

    After reading this it is shocking to see how an established company resorts to such dirtly tactics. On a product basis, we have had no issues but will defiantly now make sure our subscription is cancelled.

    If you can make it easy to buy you can certainly make it easy for someone to find a link to cancel the auto-renew. Introducing a layer of complexity into something that should be quite simple is definitely a way to lose customers. Consumers should punish companies that used dirty tricks. I Will certainly cancel and I had no intention too..

  • Clayton_Booysen
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    I purchased teamviewer in the middle of covid lock down 2020 in the hope of generating income because existing sources had dried up. Unfortunately this strategy didn't work.  This year I find that huge deduction from Paypal for a new license that I do not need, can not use, nor can I generate any income with. Apon querying this, TeamViewer tries to direct me to EULA where apparently says the charge is correct and I should have cancelled within 28 days before the payment was taken from me. These are key items that should be communicated to their Customers.  I have a number of concerns  1) the EULA URL provided takes me to the main TeamViewer site. That's like sending someone to internet itself.  2) There was no warning of pending payment 3) You can not cancel subscription on the TeamViewer Portal 4) There is no cooling off period. 5) The price paid was EUR 71.64 more than the 2020 price.  Under EU competition law, companies can be sanctioned for using their market power to exploit consumers, including by price gouging.  

    This is huge amount in South African Currency that I can not afford. I have lost my income and TeamViewer are using the size and process to exploit us. 

    Surely this is not the way TeamViewer has to make money?  

  • AlenaC
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    Hi @Clayton_Booysen

    thanks for your post. Welcome to our community!

    We are sorry that you read that you want to cancel your license and the caused inconveniences. Could you please send me your email address in a private message? I will try to assist and forward it to a colleague to review your case.

    Thanks in advance

    Best, Alena

    Spanish Community Moderator :)