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Cancel Subscription

Hi, I want to Cancel my Premium Subscription. 8th May 2019 : I buy the premium package 10th May 2019 : I email to cancel my subscriptions. Because it didn't suit my needs 13th may 2019 : I get a call from Teamviewer, giving me option to upgrade. But I simply want to cancel my subscription... After that, I have not get any updates on my cancelations. Its been 14 days since I ask for a SIMPLY CANCELATION. I have been email-ing everyday, But I didnt get any updates... Thank You

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Re: Cancel Subscription

HI @Nellykoo 

Thank you for your post.

Sorry to hear, what happened. Maybe there was a misunderstanding. 

I will forward your case to the responsible colleagues. Really apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

Due to security reasons, I removed the ticket ID from the message. 

I wish you a great day and all the best,

German Community Moderator

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