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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • musicreporter
    musicreporter Posts: 11 ✭✭

    Save yourself some time and start looking now

    If you have not read all the messages here, you will eventually learn the frustration and aimless point of waiting.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

    I'll be looking for something new. Too bad that they don't care about the people who have been using them for quite some time and have suggested them to their places of employment which now use commecial licenses.

    **bleep** shame.

  • The server in question, which could be the only thing I could think of, isn't a version of Ubuntu, Windows Server, or any other such thing. Not even a client running a VM. It's a W8 machine running a Dedicated Server that hosts P2P Client Access via open ports.

    This is not labeled as a "Server" under their ToS as it's not something that I'm remoting into. I'm using this to change the Dedicated Server (Video Game) config files from a remote computer on my network.

    Either way, if this is what flagged me, this makes no sense, as all other machines on my network are okay, and the machine in question is a W10 device.

    I appreciate you trying to clarify the issue, but your clarification doesn't apply in this situation as this situation doesn't need clarification.

    The device has been wrongfully flagged. 
    It is a W10 machine.
    I have filled out the form and have given the company over 2 weeks to resolve the issue.
    It is still not resolved.

    Seeing the amount of dissatisfied people experiencing the same exact problem, I'm going to take another user's advice and move on to another RD Application.

    Doesn't matter if it's free or not to be honest. As long as the prices aren't extortionate, I'll pay the price.

    If TeamViewer had personal licenses for $50/yr, I'd gladly pay that.
    No way am I going to pay $500/yr when I'm not using the application commercially.

  • Jholc
    Jholc Posts: 1

    Since I moved into a new house I've found that my teamviewer is telling me that I'm on a coprorate network and that I need to upgrade my license. Can anyeone help me out with this? I use Teamviewer to help my family members when they have issues. 

  • Having the same issue. I think the issue first started when I connected my phone to my works wifi network. 

    Will be contacting support un less anyone else has any suggestions. 

  • mp52nv
    mp52nv Posts: 1
    I'm getting this issue as well.. I'm suspecting my fast internet connection... I'm a home user and have a 100mb line and get this all the time
  • Steve-in-FL
    Steve-in-FL Posts: 27 ✭✭


    Read the latest 15-or-so posts to get some information about how this works. Judging from the experience of others on this forum, you have a small chance of success. But you could be one of the lucky ones.


  • Ugh123
    Ugh123 Posts: 1
    All of a sudden tonight I started getting kicked off TEAMVIEWER because it suspected “commercial” usage. This was after maybe 5 minutes. Have used for years without hassle, a few times a year. What changed?

    BTW I’m happy to pay them something, maybe $5 a month as I think it’s a great program. I can’t afford much more than that.
  • just make a new account and you avoid having them reset it.. Its been a month and still no word on my reset

  • Bob357
    Bob357 Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Are Teamviewer actively trying to drive away all free users so they can simply go 100% paid ?

  • My **bleep** I will print and post a form an especially not to another country. TeamViewer doesn't trust that I use it for private matters and add this faulty detection. Uninstall and forget is the way I will go.

  • I just installed **Third Party Product**. It works better

  • I've just started getting the same issue today. what's going on?

  • Probably so.... they seem to be too busy getting the free non-commercial users bumped, like me!

  • Hi, I ocaisionally use Teamviever to help my family abroad with basic pc issues, and it suddenly started to disconnect me and showing message about a commercial use suspicion. How to remove that? I would be happy to buy a license but £30 for a month for two-three times usage is way too much. What can I do? How this suspicion can be removed? Regards, Greg.

  • I've had this issue. I run 3 PCs at home and I use TeamViewer to wake an old laptop  and connect between the two desktops. I also use an iphone and android phone sometimes when I am out or even just sitting in my living room.

    So knowing that I am genuinely only using teamview for personal non commercial use I instigated an online chat with teamviewer assuming they would fix it only to be put through to a sales rep who phoned me back. I explained my usage and the sales rep told me its OK to use teamviewer in my own home but connecting from outside the home via a phone or ipad is deemed as "commercial use". This seems to fly in the face of what it says on the Teamviewer website where it bangs on about it being free for non commercial use because of the positive word of mouth recommendations that result.

  • Hello everyone

    I live in Russia and use mobile and two pc, it’s my device but teamviewer told me buy pro acc because I use it for commercials. But it’s my device, in one of them I use VPN because I live in Russia, please make my account free again **Please Do Not Post TeamViewer IDs** my id.

  • I recieved an email telling me that they had unlocked my id but im still getting the msg saying commercial use detected. Can someone tell me if there is something i have to do on my pc

    Tony Perez



  • ChroM
    ChroM Posts: 1
    Hey guys help, not comercial use here.. And it keep says comercial use detected when i connect from mobile to my computer
  • Same here, getting the commerical usage 1 minute limit.  Only connect to my personal home machine.  Sales rep quoted me for $1,400 a year

  • Thanks for the ideas - but I have to say - when there are other, reasonably-priced (or free) alternatives, is it really worth the time & effort to fight with TeamViewer, when it's clear that advertising "free" is just a marketing tool to **bleep** you in?

    They've lost the moral high ground, and lost me as a customer.

  • TeamViewer 14, personal. 

    When a user creates a presentation, it creates the presentation and others can join. However, after 59 or 60 seconds, the presentation ends with the error "The connection has timed out". When other users on this network create a connection, it works.

    Uninstalled Teamviewer, cleared registry, did a full reinstall. 

  • WHY OH WHY?! 

    This is so annoying. I have 2 media servers at my house and yet i cant log in because this hoopla. Waste of time and a week to fix. lol 

  • Hi

    My teamviewer is now blocking me and saying that I'm using it for commercial use when I'm using to personal use. I do have it installed on my work laptop, but use it to connect to my desktop at home as I can't use some apps on my work laptop. How do I get this block taken off?

  • I'm having the same issue. have you found out how to resolve this yet?



  • forget TeamViewer, they never answer, they never help Customers.

    I've gone to **Third Party Product**.

    It works fine

  • Getting this stupid message. I used to love this program but I'm uninstlling it soon from all my devices and going to any of the other free options in the same space as you. I"d name them but like a petulant child you mark them out with *Third Party*. If you're that good you shouldn't be threatened by a competitors name. As a free user you don't care anyhow...I can see you nodding yes. Good ridence. 

  • Hi team viewer representative

    Unfortunately, my account was deactivated. I'm a student at the University of Houston but I was doing my internship at Nvidia now since the laptop from Nvidia has business windows you deactivated my account.
    I'm done with the internship and there is no business windows anymore.
    Please activate my account. This semester I will graduate and I need to work remotely.
    Please let me know if you need more information, I can provide you my limited work authorization that proves I'm a student and right now I was an intern.

    Thanks, I greatly appreciate your help and understanding.


  • So I finally heard something from  TV. I had to actually go to Twitter and call them out for the lack of customer service, in order for them to respond.  After they eventually responded they still said I using TV  it commercially.

    I have uninstalled TV and not renewing my actual commercial account with Teamviewer, that my IT team uses. We will be switching to another product. 

    Maybe we should all go to Twitter and social media and bring this into the public light and let them deal with this marketing nightmare.