Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Hi,

    I just tried to do that.   It contains my email.  Could you kindly check your private messages.



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    Teamviewer licens team have seriouse isues. Lot of people have this problem and they just cant understand. **** people?

  • I think it might be something that was introduced recently into the app, perhaps they will see the frustration it is causing people + the amount of work that is required to resolve those issues, will make them rethink the feature..


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    Actually we the free users we don't generate ANY revenue, while we do probably use TV resources (when connecting over the Internet, we go through their servers, so that must use bandwith and CPU power), maybe they don't want this anymore. I'm sure (anyway I hope that this is the case) that if we were paying customers, our issues would have been solved.

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    TeamViewer should be complelled to provide us with the specific "analysis of product usage" that they believe gives them "reason to believe you are using the product in a commercial context."

    I received this email today despite only using TeamViewer to help a single visually-impaired 88 year-old family friend with very rare email and print assistance. My own logs indicate that I used it 2-3 days per month since February and the sessions were typically 5-20 minutes.

    Sending these letters apparently at random to even the most light-ended personal users and demanding a tedious process of printing, filling out, scanning and then emailing back a paper does not bode well for this company's overall public perception.

  • Apparently Teamviewer is considering I'm using the software in a commercial use.  I'm using it very regularly, but this is to perform daily tasks on the computer of my wife to support her in her daily work. This is of course unpaid and has no commercial purpose at all... : I will not be charging my wife for helping her out with her pc....????

    I've filled out the form but I'm wondering how long this will take before I can again use Teamviewer properly...

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    Why is it that every time I do an upgrade of my Teamviewer program I am again and again accused of using the software commercially when I already on previous versions am accepted as a personal user? I am running teamviewer for the most on 2 computers sitting next to each other to avoid having a desk full of keyboards.....

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    For me it took five weeks.

  • I have been using Teamviewer just fine for literally over a year. Suddenly I am receiving timeouts and refusal to connect. I connect to only 1 single machine and this machine is in the same private house as me. I rarely connect from outside, usually I connect via LAN.

    Now, I can only connect to it for 1 minute before being timed out and told I must wait 10 minutes to reconnect. This is absolutely disgusting, I can't believe that Teamviewer would be so victimising as to do this. This is completely unacceptable and the notion of filing in a form to wait weeks to be 'unblocked' is outrageous.

    I will no longer be using Teamviewer and I will switch to a competitor that doesn't bully their free customers. If Teamviewer wants to be like this, I suggest they tell customers in advance that if they are suspected of commercial usage then they will be victimised and bullied to the point where they cannot use Teamviewer without forking over a load of cash for something they simply do not need. 

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    Hi @FrodeE,

    Thankyou for your post.

    Based on your case, kindly visit the page TeamViewer Commercial Use Suspected and resubmit the requests for both IDs please. So we may look at both TeamViewer IDs again.

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    Apparently I am not the only one getting this idiotic email. I don't know what usage the geniuses at TV are "analysing" but they might give some thought to providing a form with editable fields that you can actually attach to the Personal Use Verification form. It smells more like strongarming people into buying the commercial version--and the appalling lack of support that comes with it when it fails.

    And then they want you to wait thirty days before the sluggards get around to upgrading it--maybe sooner though. ;-/

    I've tried repeatedly to use your online personal verification form and it isn't working. You can throttle me if you like. I think it's time to find a more congenial software provider whose client does the same thing without the threats and the annoyance.

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    Having the exactly same problem. If they dont "fix" it, I'm looking at other alternatives. 

    Feels like the free users are forced into buying, and with the horrid prices, it ain't gonna happen.




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    Hi @Maximiliann 

    Thank you for your post. 

    Can you please check which versions you use on both sides? Please make sure to use TeamViewer version 14 on both devices. 

    If you are already on version 14, it might be helpful to uninstall TV14 on both sides and reinstall it. If this does not help, the only way is to fill in the "Commercial Use Suspected" form. 

    Thank you very much in advance and have a great start into the new week. 

    All the best, 

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  • My message was not complete. I use Teamviewer for controlling my Computer, which in turn controls my transceiver. I do get the message that I'am a professional user, that is not the case. I use Teamviewer a lot and do love the software. My Teamviewer I'd **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**. I hope you can help me out and that I still can use my transceiver remotely via Teamviewer. 

    Many thanks in advance,



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    I have been using team viewer for several years.
    I use this system to transfer data from one private computer to another
    suddenly the report appeared a few days ago.
    Commercial Use suspected/detected:
    I only use Teamviewer privately and I can't use it commercially because I don't have a business of my own
    Since then, team viewer no longer works.
    what is going on.
    How can I solve this

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    I purchased a new computer (computer A) and a TeamViewer commercial license together back then, approximately 4-5 years ago.  I left the company I was working for but still had the computer and license, as they were mine.  Throughout TeamViewer updates (I think starting with 11, 12, 13 and now 14), I've left TeamViewer as is in computer A, meaning I didn't uninstall and switch to personal; I kept it as is which is commercial.  Now with 14, I only have five minutes of usage per session or something like that, from computer A to any other computer.

    I recently put in my third request to change computer Ato personal but I'm having no luck.  I've been putting my requests in more than seven days apart.  I've de-linked computer A to the business TeamViewer account.  I have two TeamViewer accounts, one for business and one for personal.  I don't use the business account anymore.

    Since I'm having no luck, what are my options?  Should I downgrade all my computers to 11 so that I can use computer A to others, without any problems?  Will that even work?

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    So what dces it rhyme with, or maybe a riddle?

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    @stevep : unfortunately he has closed his account so he won't be able to answer us anymore.

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    Nothing draconian there, then...

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    Hi everbody,

    I urgently need help in solving my problem with teamviewer.

    I have another pc install accidentally on commercial use then the trial period expired. I uninstall and install back with personal use (  5 times installation been done) but after install, its say trial period expired and gives me the same commercial ID. Along with that i can't connect to my pc. Kindly please help me to solve this problem.

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    Hi @jonaz ,

    thanks for reaching out. Welcome to the Community!

    Please find here more information Why do I see TeamViewer trial - 'Your trial period has expired' ? 

    Let us know if you need more information. Have a nice weekend :)


    Spanish Community Moderator :)

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    I have this exact same problem when I set up a new personal laptop and misclicked the wrong box for version 14 and am needing the same fix or soluation for my laptop.

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    You keep popping a warning when starting teamviewer, about using the program in business relation environment.  ..duh!.. i am sometimes using my company computer to connect to my private, at home.

    please stop cutting the connection after 5 minutes. It is ridiculous. I have already accepted and agreed that it is used as a private person. If my company would invest and use teamviewer it would be great, but they have other deals, and security policies, which teamviewer apparently couldn’t live up to. I don’t see why it should keep me from using this great product, as a private person.

    If it works, don't fix it.
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    TW says it seems i'm useing a commercial version but is not true-I use tw from my home to take control of pc i have at my mother house to control radio,I'm a radio operator

  • Hello,

    Lately I've received the dreaded "commercial use detected" from my account. Didn't think much of it, more than that it's wrong. My computer runs Windows 7 Pro. Accessing my HTPC, running Windows 10 to control the music this happens every time. Same thing happens when I access my Windows 7 computer from my Windows Mobile (yea I'm one of the few still using them...) or the HTPC

    However, from my Android phone or tablet, accessing my Windows 7 computer this does not occur, which makes be believe it is something with Windows 7 connection to and from certain units. Any thoughts?

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    I've used my personal use TeamViewer without trouble until today. Now I'm booted out after 5 or 10 minutes. What's happening?

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    Hi all,

    I am using Team Viewer to help me with my PhD research (when I need to access my workstation at university on weekends or on holidays to run scripts). Is that a commercial use? I didn't see any clear statement from the TeamViewer team on it. If yes I am happy to pay for an academic license; however, the current licensing scheme doesn't discriminate between students and business, while the amount of money in the pocket is clearly different for these groups :/ 


  • I currently have issues with all remote Raspbian clients as they are stuck on V11
    Host PC running Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa and thats on V12

    Unable to 'upgrade' the application which has worked perfectly for ages - I'm a long-term user of TeamViewer. I suspect that this upgrade path is directly connected to Teamviewer's 'protect/increase our income stream' ethos because when June arrives, I get the feeling I won't be able to connect at all. I'm currently getting blocked on reconnects due to this infuriating timeout and forced upgrade - is there a V14 armhf .deb ?

    The armhf architecture support was very good but has since deteriorated. I don't hold out much hope for the future unless the situation changes.

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    I have some thoughts about this. This is not about them having 'detected' commercial usage on your system. This is all about new avenues of monetizing for them and pressuring users into buying into a commercial license.

    This nonsense started for me a few weeks ago as well, after which I submitted a request online to unblock the account -- which is not being used for commercial puposes whatsoever.

    Today I received an email stating that they were unable to discern private usage.  If they actually capture any of these sessions for commercial usage detection (using some machine learning algorithm) they have some work to do, because some of that usage with my girlfriend has been anything but commercial. 

    The only thing that did change is that I started using OpenVPN to dial into my home network to ensure an encrypted connection from wherever I use my laptop. The changing IP networks is probably what triggering this nonsense. I have no intention on changing that as there are more than enough alternatives to TeamViewer. 

    ps. The mail I received today also had a link to a printed form that is laden with spelling mistakes and duplicate fields. You might want to look into that dear people at TeamViewer GmbH, it comes across amateurish.