Posted by cheatcode1994

Commercial use suspected.

Ive been flagged for commercial use. Ive filled out the form trying to reset my account but this has been over a month ago now with no responce. Ive checked my junk folder in my email as well. Can anyone help me out?

Posted by Nitesh32

Blocked without reason

Hello there, when i connect my mobile phone with teamviewer and my pc, it says blocked because commercial use...but i only connect with my smartphone???? Can this be fixed ASAP? I need it really hard??
Posted by meshal

Using a commercial doubt

Dear I have a problem using the program I use the program for personal purposes not commercial

Posted by x8009

Re: Using a commercial doubt

Guys there is no quit from this, you all will be blocked one way or another.

Use   ***third party product***

just put the word together.     

Teamviewer has become the worst remote control company in the universe now.

[please remember our User Guidelines

Posted by Airalan

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

 I have been trying to solve this problem for at least two months, and have filled the form in twice, last time at least three weeks ago. I am still getting the same “commercial use suspected“ message 

Posted by invizus

Reset my teamviewer license

Dear support

Thank you redirecting me to forum, I guess you prefer this format.

Please reset my TeamViewer license. I only connect to my eldery parents comptuer once a week to help them to use internet. They live in another country so I cannot help them in person. 

Non commercial use supposed to be free? However when I run teamviewer it displays message "Commercial use detected". I need to help my parents with the computer ASAP please help.

Thank you.


Posted by PPPP1242

Licence gratuite !

I am an individual, I connect to my laptop with TeamViewer and I have the following message:
Session interrompue dans 5 minutes !!!!
It's free but your message of threat starts to exasperate me!

Posted by jameswdp

IOS teamviewer suspect commercial use

Recently I upgraded the TeamViewer on my iPhone into version 14++. 

When I connected to my computer, it shows "this app seems to be used in commercial environment. Your session will end within 5 minutes"

I have been using it on my phone for years, but never encounter this kind of message before.

Posted by geertboucquez


Hy, i'm a private user and since a few weeks I reveive the message I'm working in a commercial environment as a result my sessions ends after 5 minutes and are blocked for more minutes.

What can I do to renew my private licence?


Posted by royaal

product says im using it as company.

i just use it private to myself and help familty with computer.  now its closing every 2 min. can this be fixed ?

Posted by fz750

Commercial Use

Hi, For some reason I've been flagged as a commercial user but I've never once used it for commercial use! Just for myself, and supporting my kids and mum.

I have sent 2 request to unblock this, but nothing has happened..

I use(d)  teamviewer daily and it's becoming a major inconvenience, never mind the annoyance of being ignored (2 weeks back now, at least).

Is there anything else I can do about this? Are there any decent alternatives?