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    Oh my goodness!  How could a company do these to the customers!!!!

    Anger x 10!!!

  • Where can is find this form?

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    Hello @Lourens020 ,

    thanks for posting. Welcome to the Community.

    Please read this article, where you can find the form Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected' 

    Best, Alena

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  • Hello everyone,
    I'm basicly trying to figure out if I'm using Teamviewer in it's intended way.

    I installed Teamviewer for unattended access on my home pc and my mother's home pc, in order to log into them pcs whenever the need arrises, in my breaks (at work). At work I'm starting the app in a run-only (not install) mode.

    At the moment I'm being automatically disconnected after a few seconds of establishing a connection and being prompted to buy the app.

    As I click on the buy link, I'm being prompted to add my bussiness details. However I'm not a business, I'm a private individule, so I have no bussiness details.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is Teamviewer not intended for private use anymore?
    If anyone could advise, I'd be very appreciative.

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    I've been getting the "commercial use suspicion" the last two months. Within this period I have filled in the form twice and got a reply exactly in 7 days with the message that my account has been reset to free use since I don't use it commercially.

    The last mail isn't even 24 hours ago and I already got a new commercial blockade on my first try. I tried contacting Teamviewer on FB but I just get the standard message that I should fill in the form again... Really bloody annoying and I'm not going to do it again. Guess I'll have to look for a different solution since I'm not going to do fill in a form every time I connect remotely.

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    @Llithy : just to be sure: have you filled the form for EVERY TVID you're connecting from and to?!? If not, if for instance your TVID from which you connect has been reset to free, but it is likely that the warning comes from the TVID you're connecting to; I know it's tedious, but this is the only way to be sure (and I think it's written in their article as well).

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    @pv7721 in my first mail to them I listed every device I have in 'my partners' , a total breakdown of everything with the usage patterns, the type of device, why I use Teamviewer on the device etc. For example
    • "My personal laptop (1193******) uses...."
    • "My wife's pc (7434*****) is used for..."
    • "My main pc (1127******) is the...".
    • "My server (183******) is..."

    In my second mail I only referred to the first mail since it wasn't sent that long ago. Or isn't it enough to mention it in the form, do I really have to fill in a specific form for every single device? I connect mostly from my main pc, sometimes from my laptop or mobile phone and occasionaly with the web connector (when I'm at work where we aren't allowed to install Teamviewer but are allowed to use the web connector).

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    i finaly got a response that they think i use it commercialy well as i am just 18 year old geek who usses it i maiby use it a lot more then average but i do not get any money for it or any thing like that so it is completly personal

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    @Llithy : what I meant is have you filled the form available here:

    As you can see you only have the option to fill a single TVID at once, so what I did was to do a boilerplate text, that I would adapt for each TV, probably similar to what you did: this ID is my main computr, this one is my mum's, this is my brother's etc.

    Just for the record, I received for one TVID but they didn't tell me which one is, and for another one I had to fill and sign a declaration that I'm using for personal use; and never heard anything else for the rest of the TVIDs, I've just noticed that warnings have disappeared.

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    Yep that's the same I used (I wrote "mail" in my reply above, but ment filling in that form). I used the TVID from my main pc and added all that text at the "usage explanation". I might try once more to do the same thing as you, filling in a form for every TVID I frequently use instead of listing them all in the explanation text area although it is really tedious indeed.

    Will be reporting back when I get an answer from TV for all the ID's and testing them for a few weeks to see if I get the limitations again.

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    @Llithy : as I've already said, if you are to receiv a reply it'll miss the TVID so you know to which one they refer to. And after two different replies for two IDs, I've never received any other reply for the rest (I had some TVIDs like yours, for different family members).

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I'll add my info and submit the form

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    @pv7721Haha, that is sick, removing a link to a review of 10 products including their own.

    Funnier still is they give this their explaination: "[comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy]" goes to a page that does not exist!  This companies support team is a comedy of errors!

    And best of all, did you know this thread has been viewed 133000 times!

    Here is the good link btw.  They simply do not allow any mention of any competing product. Its the only support forum I know that has that condition.

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    By the way, a colleague of mine said a very legitimate way to get TV to understand how important user satisfaction is, is for us all to go to product review sites, etc. and rate TV. 

    Just food for thought

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  • And immediately blocked again. Guess I'll be looking for an alternative service. 

  • I have also been unblocked. Haven't used it yet so don't know if I got blocked immediately again. We'll see.

  • I do NOT use the program for work! I only look at my home computer during my working hours. There was no problem before. Now why is the connection broken? What is the problem?

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    Unfortunately, this is what I used to do also, but it seems to be prohibited by TV EULA, and seemingly now it's enforced as well: you're not supposed to use it in a professional environment, even if you employ it for your own personal use, like you do, keeping an eye on your home computer.
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    why my teamviewer always been blocked? on client i'm download the quick support only.. but still blocked on my primary computer 

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    Hello @Tony3165,

    Thank you for your message.

    Could you please provide us with more information in order to have a better understanding of the issue?

    Maybe could send us a screenshot that explicitly shows the issue?

    I thank you in advance.



    Community Manager

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    i am using teamvieuwer to help famaly and friends. they all come to me for help and teamvieuwer is a great way to help.

    unfortianatly teamvieuwer now says i use it comercial? and i need to buy it.

    now i can only use it for 2 min or so and get disconnected and have to wait till i can reconnect again for 2 min.

    what to do about it? if there is anything to do about it?


    best regards edwin

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    Hi @edbean ,

    thank you for your post. Welcome to the Community!

    Please read this article Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected' to get more information and know how to proceed.

    If you need more help, please do not hesitate to write us again

    Have a nice weekend!

    Best, Alena

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    I am not using it commercially. I use it to help family/friends every few months and mostly use it to connect to my own computers when I'm in other rooms! This is stupid and I will either need this fixed or I will find another solution.

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    @Closed account wrote:

    I have started seeing this same issue. I am a student who uses TeamViewer to connect to my desktop from my laptop. Not only did it say I was using it commercially (I am not), instead of logging me out after 5 minutes, it logged me out in 1 minute.

    Very strange and insulting. I'm going to setup VNC first thing when I go to university tomorrow. TeamViewer can go to **bleep**. 

    Mine just started saying I was "definitely" using it commercially today. I'm assuming soon it will be doing the 1 minute connection to me as well. This is really stupid for teamviewer to keep doing this to anyone who uses it with a VPN or uses it a lot around the house when they need it. I thought that was what this **bleep** software was made for!

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    I used to love TV a lot

    Now TV thinks I am using commercially and making a lot of money from it! This is aweful! i use to connect my work pc from home and vice versa. is it a commecial use? Come on TV!


    I am going to find alternatives

    good bye teamviewer


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    I noticed that too a few days ago. Im an IT student from stuttgart in germany using the iOS app on my mobile to regulary check my home PC. The App caims to stop the session after 5 minutes (which would be sufficient for most I do), while in reality closing the connection after about 5-10 seconds forcing a long wait and on the next session closing again after few seconds.

    Im running my gaming Teamspeak server at home, my astryphysics website which is a hobby of mine and got a mailserver on my NAS, which I had to save up for half a year to afford. Maybe those are indicators for the software to determine commercial usage; which is kinda stupid, since my Windows version is Win10Educational and its only being accessed from my mobile ever (rarely using my notebook). All 3 devices are registered as my own in the account and are logged in from the same public IP most of the time (when Im at home). It should be fairly easy to recognize them as having the same owner. I wonder who is responsible for the algorithm determining commercial usage. Funny fact is I was considering of applying for an internship at their place :-)

    Initiallly I used my raspberry to open tunnels for remote desktop connections, since I couldnt access my home PC from the university network otherwise. The iOS app was like a savior, since it saved me the hassle of using my notebook or university PC for the task. Simply connecting from my mobile was much easier. Having to switch back to remote desktop connections, VNC and the like is kind of sad... but since I cannot afford 60€ a month as a student.

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    @Skeltek : Hallo, sehr gut, please do apply for an intership, maybe we'll manage to finally have the answer to our most asked question: is this an algorithm flaw or is it a deliberate choice? Danke schon!

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    i don't know why, my teamviewer suspected me as commercial use.

    i only use it for personal.

    how to back to free mode ?

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    I am using Teamviewer for prive, but on one of my PC's I get a warning that I am suspected to use it commercially, which is not true.

    How can I get rid of this suspection


  • I am getting a lot of message boxes claiming that I am useing TeamViewer in an commercial environment.  I am not - I am  a retired person and do not have clients or an office or any other way of using TeamViewer to earn myself or anyone else money.  I use it to support my sister and to log in to my desktop upstairs so that I can access it from my netbook downstairs, which keeps my dog happy.  I have no idea what it is about my computers or use that makes somebody think this is commercial use.  I have tried filling in the form as they suggest.  The request appeared to go into a black hole and not come out.  The seven day interval they suggest seems to be a joke.  Am I alone in thinking there is something wrong with their detection algorithmes?  I am using Windows 10 home, and a  NAS for photos and talking books and general data so that we can back the stuff up sensibly.  No Microsoft or any other server exists - just a collection of machines in a home workgroup.  I am also a bit concerned about privacy - what is Teamviewer looking at?