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  • In my opinion, this issue casts a very poor image of TV...poor treatment of customers service, poor image of something they employed that should properly detect Commercial users and it is not.....poor design and implementation from a company who should be highly sophisticated when it comes to software.  It is clear many of us have been wrongfully accused of using TV for commercial use. Fill out a form, maybe TV agrees you are not using the Software for commercial use, wait a week or more for maybe a response, than others who got the response have written here that after only a few days get ID'ed as a commercial user again...then complete yet another nothing more than making lots of people talk about TV in a very negative way.  Shame on TV....this treatment is unexcusable...and the service provided...gets a D(-)

  • I go the dreaded message today out of the blue. Been using the software for years now connecting to one computer, using one computer. Never used it for more than one computer. 

    I understand the need to potentially catch people using your software outside the scope of design but really. I use it for one computer so I don't have to go upstairs. 

    The bad part is nobody can really answer why TV declares it's commercial use. Shady and I will no longer recommend this product. 

  • I can write negative comments...and when things I hope are made right...I will always write Positive comments in Thanks.  Coincident or not, in about 12 hours from my earlier Posting of today expressing my disappointment with TV as recognized me as a commercial User when that was not so...I got the form email from TV advising I was no longer identified as a Commercial User.  I had also sent the form 3 days ago that is available in this was it my Post or the form...and does it even matter...TV thus far has made it right.  I have read where others who got this same longer recognized as a Commercial user...only to be recognized as a Commercial User again. 


    I want to Thank TV for resolved my issue, removing the Commercial User status...and it is my hope that TV is using my findings as well as others to Tweak whatever monitoring software is in use to identify those that are using TV Commercially to the harm and disadvantage of those of us who are using TV honestly...for personal use.

    Again; thank you TV......after getting your email I did connect with my sister for a few seconds and that popup Notification about durations, etc...did not appear.  I hope it remains in the Free License (Non Commercial use Only) Status  

  • It took them 10 days to finally fix my account but I appreciate it. There's other options but I'm just used to TeamViewer and I like it. Only thing is I didn't know I had to report each ID, so while one PC is good for free use, my other is still flagged. I filled out the form again for the other ID. Now I just wait for them to set that to free and I'll be good to go :)

    So far 6 days in on the fixed ID and no false flags yet like some are getting after the fix. 

  • I restarted service and the entire PC. Still shows "trial expired". Is it a bug in version 14?

  • i need to be set back to a free user cant find ticket used it the other day and phone number hangs up when I hit I have free account can I get an message so I can send the right user id

  • i have used the free version for years helping friends and family. today TV believes im using it for commercial use. any ideas how to resolve this?

  • I have the same **bleep** problem from my personal mobile phone to my personal desktop. This is Irritating. I spoke with someone from TeamViewer and they wanted me to pay [The price has been removed as per the community guidelines.] a year to allow the connection.

    **bleep** that and **bleep** TeamViewer. I have been trying to find an alternative without any luck.

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    As noted, there are several good options for control of a remote computer.The question is, what does Teamviewer have that you need, that these more basic and free applications don't? Teamviewer has a nice file management structure, but that capability can be approximated by simply using Dropbox along with these other free apps.

  • i like that file transfer between remote/PC is included with free TeamVierwer. The other remote desktop I started using only includes file transfers if you pay a yearly fee.

  • I have been using teamviewer non commercially to help my kids and some friend for long time .

    After updating now I get this Thinks  I`m using commercially

    How can I change this????

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    Hello Bigolebear,

    Please read the article here complete the form  if you believe the way you use TeamViewer does not match the definition of commercial usage

    Best regards


    Tech Support IoT

  • Somthing, in fact, has evidently and obviously changed.

  • With free version all you can do is submit a ticket. You can't call them. Good luck. I submitted a ticket and they finally replied and said it was reset. Guess what... they lied. First time I used it it did the exact same thing.
  • do you have multiple computers? Mine did that too but I found out I had to report each PCs ID. The one I reported is fine now. Just waiting on them to free the second PC ID i sent them.

  • I have two computers that use to contact the other. The only reason is one is windows and the other is a Mac. Sometimes I need to do things on the windows machine I can't do on the Mac. 


    I have put in the requestion twice and have not received any response as of yet. Hopefully I will hear something soon.


    I have been researching other options but it appears that TV will squash any conversation regarding alternatives. 

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    [removed per Community Guidelines

    I put in an unblock request to TV about a week ago, protesting the totally fabricated accusation of commercial use, and they say they try to serve those requests in a week. I'll give them a few more days, and then just give TV the heave-ho. Just isn't worth the frustration/exasperation anymore.

  • took them 10 days to fix my first ID.

  • Yeah. Still not fixed.


    The message when trying to log in says I have 5 minutes but reality is it's less than a minute. 

    So frustrating. 

  • I am hitting the same issue.

    I have been using the same account for years to access my own personal use on my own devices and now, I am getting blocked because they are detecting that it's a commercial use.

    And there is no one to discuss it with from Teamviewer support.

    Any assistance is highly appreciated.Thanks.

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    TeamViewer is a good product, and I enjoy using it, but the "commercial use detected" police make it unreliable. I need a reliable way to control remote computers for non-comercial applications. As a result, I will look forward to my restriction being removed, but I will not depend on it anymore.

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    Just FYI, *allegedly* the way to ask TeamViewer to reset your account is here

    This has been posted here many times, but is a little hard to find on the TV website.

  • Thanks Dan, I will process the request

  • I have the same problem here and I have no idea why it doing that. I'm using TeamViewer either to initialize a session to discuss some points with my team or to access their devices. I was doing these things with the older versions of TeamViewer but now I can't, even though we all have the latest version.
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    I was in a Viking museum in Iceland last week. One of the computerized displays had crashed, leaving a copy of TeamViewer on the screen. It was the free, non-commercial version!

    So much for the commercial use detection algorithm...,

  • There is a no reall method to the logic to detect commercial use. To me it's a **bleep** shoot just to get you to purchase their product. 


    I have two computers. One doesn't have a monitor so I use TV to login two or three times a week. This apparently flags as commercial. 

  • Hello,

    I'm seeing a message regarding commercial use and I'm being limited on how long I can stay remotely connected. I'm not sure how I've been flagged, what can I do?
  • Just recently I have been getting kicked off sessions with an alert saying that I am breaking the rules of the free version. Then not ablt to re-connect for about 20 minutes. The session is lasting for about 5 minutes. I have been using this free account to log into my Home PC for many years, this is the first time I am getting this. I am remoting from a Win 10 Laptop (WiFi) to a Win 7 Desktop (ETH)

    Any thoughts wuld be greatly appreciated...Capture.0.JPGCapture.1.JPGCapture.2.JPG

  • Done this many times now and still not blocked or any communication from TV. 



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    Monst sensible users (like me) that were legally compliant but still mistreated by the company are finding their way to other solutions by using search engines like duck duck go go or google to find alternatives to TeamViewer.

    TV's c-suite has made their priorities clear. Their actions to hamper freemium usage was ham-**bleep** and wrong. TeamViewer lost a lot of brand capital. The Internet hates TeamViewer, now.