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Why do I see TeamViewer trial - 'Your trial period has expired' ?

Hello all,

I hope someone will be able to help me with my current issue. When install the latest version of TeamViewer onto my desktop I get 'Your trial period has expired' and I selected the 'Non commercial use' and 'basic install' uppon installing the application.

I am usually able to start meetings and share my screen with friends for free, but I'm unable to do this.

Can someone help?



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TeamViewer Staff

Re: Why do I see TeamViewer trial - 'Your trial period has expired' ?


The use of TeamViewer with family and friends without any financial compensation is considered private use. In cases where it says 'Your trial has expired', you might have classified your use as  'Commercial use' during the installation process. This would have started a trial, which expires after about 2 weeks. 

If you are using it for personal use, from a private home to another home, please fill out this form, and our support team can revert your device back to private.

Posted by NRANM

TeamViewer shows as expired trial

A while ago TeamViewer swtiched to trial for no reason, and it expired.

I used the official form to reset my ID to personal/free usage, and several days later I received a confirmation that my ID had indeed been reset. However, nothing changed, TeamViewer still showed as an expired trial.

I used a different contact method to ask for further assistance. Never received a response.

A few days ago I used the Feedback form in TeamViewer, and received a useless automated response.

I came across advice to restart the TeamViewer service, however I use the portable version, there is no service. I even installed the standard/installable version, and it also shows as a trial version.

I don't know if the whole ID reset process is automated and if it usually works and I'm an exception, but I can't help but feel **bleep** around.

If nothing can or will be done about this, I would at least appreciate a direct answer so I can try and find alternatives.

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Re: TeamViewer shows as expired trial


thank you for your post. Could you please send me your Email address in a DM, so that I can check if we have received the form?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the caused inconvenience. 

Have a nice weekend,

Alena :)


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Posted by Frankoise87

Pantalla negra en versiones 12 en adelante

Este problema apareció hace tiempo, y básicamente se trata de que al conectarme a cualquier equipo veo solamente la pantalla negra. Es como si no estuviera recibiendo desde el ordenador remoto la imagen, porque desde el otro equipo puedo, por ejemplo, mover el mouse y escribir. Es básicamente como si de repente TeamViewer se convirtiera en un sofisticado teclado y mouse a distancia, sin monitor.

Este problema aparece al pasar de la versión 11 a la 12, y no se solucionan ni con la 13 ni la 14. En lo personal le adjudico el problema a alguna cuestión de video de mi computadora, que es una Lenovo YOGA 900 que tiene una resolución de pantalla muy particular, con una especie de resolución 4K (3200x1800) pero que no es del todo sincera.
Por esta resolución particular, tan grande en apenas una pantalla de 13 pulgadas, estoy obligado a usar, por ejemplo, el tamaño de la tipografía en windows al 250%

El problema, a fin de cuentas, es que cuando usaba TeamViewer 11 nunca tuve inconvenientes, y como ahora va a dejar de estar en circulación esa versión y nuestros amigo de TeamViewer no nos permiten seguir usándolo, al pasar obligatoriamente a una versión anterior, tengo que solucionar el problema para poder seguir usando el programa.

Agradezco cualquier tipo de ayuda.