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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • mattdud
    mattdud Posts: 5
    Thanks for this! Called customer service who refused to help. Called back and have waited 30 minutes so far with no answer! NOT IMPRESSED!!!!
  • Hi.

    I'm a user of Teamviewer.

    I have been using it for many years and I'm really greaful to use this kind of program

    Actually, I don't use the Teamviewer as commercial purpose.

    I just try to check my e-mail or playing game by it.

    In this case, should I purchase the license of Teamviewer ?

    If not, please let me know how can I use this program without license.


    Best regards

  • Arminio
    Arminio Posts: 3

    Same problem here since today. Session time out after 1 minute... and after 3 tries I get blocked for a certain amount of time... what is happening here???

  • majerpain
    majerpain Posts: 1

    After fresh installs of Teamviewer 13 on both mine and dad's Pc's I lookafter his via Teamviewer as he is over 3 Hrs. drive away.

    "Connection Blocked after Timeout" Your licence limits the maximum session durations connections to this partner will be blocked untill This occurs right at logon help please

  • Same problem, after 1 minute will disconnected, anyone have a solution? thank you


  • Azsde
    Azsde Posts: 1

    My account has been flagged as "suspected of commercial use", I can't connect to my computers anymore !

    I always have used this software on a private level and never made any commercial use of it.

    Now I can't log into my computer without beeing kicked out in less than 2 minutes, and locked out for another 10 minutes !

    @Esther I am NOT the only one having this issue.

    Can you please investigate the matter ?

  • Hello

    TV say i am pro but i am not a pro...

    how can I do?



  • serverhack
    serverhack Posts: 3 ✭✭
    I have the same problem, I've been using TV for years only as personnal use and today I have received the banner to buy license, even nothing has changed...
  • vishnu03
    vishnu03 Posts: 1

    Is there any solution for this

  • b45t4rd
    b45t4rd Posts: 1


    Im using a Businessaccount with two channels. Now i want to do some work with my ios devices, but it shows me "Commercial use" an quit my session after five minutes.


    What do i do wrong?



  • jackjack
    jackjack Posts: 4

    Looks like they got a hot shot sales director, who thinks this strategy will bring in suckers with cash and earn him bonuses.

    **bleep** Teamviewer, I brought you a ton of paid clients over the years, and you do this????

  • airplane-4b7416
    airplane-4b7416 Posts: 12 ✭✭

    I've downloaded free version of TW13(at homework)but i use it for private .

    I connect with my other pc at home but i can start a single session,Tw message says this is a limited version and i can riconnet with the pc after few minutes.How can i solve it?

  • airplane-4b7416
    airplane-4b7416 Posts: 12 ✭✭

    as par previous post,in help menu under "TW information" says is a free licence.

  • Hi, been using TV for ages, couple months ago it been blocked as I was suspected commercially using it, contacted support all done, unblocked.. But now, I am getting this message, after couple minutes of connection to my friend/family member, and then this message pops out and I am unable to connect to my friend /family member for another 10 or 15 minutes after... never made any money by using TV, and not planning too, as I am not proffesional IT specialist, why do I always getting in to a such a trouble? Could anyone tell me what happening to TV please?

  • hristiyan
    hristiyan Posts: 1

    same here

  • Bankfodder
    Bankfodder Posts: 23 ✭✭

    I'm getting an identical problem – I only ever use it for non-commercial means and had never made money from it.

    I'm very grateful for the programme – and if they had a much cheaper personal version, I would pay for it – but they don't.

    Please can somebody explain why I'm getting these timeout messages and it is preventing me from using it anymore.

  • Tegoide
    Tegoide Posts: 14

    I had the bad feeling that if you remain connected for long time these gentleman says you are using the connection for commercial purposes ? can you confirm or deny ?

  • Hi All,

    So I currently use the Free Version of Teamviewer, only to Log into my Server and Laptop at home and my Laptop at work. It has been working absolutely fine, but today it popped up with "Commercial Use Suspected" and kicked me off my home server. So came onto the Teamviewer website and Lo and Behold, you can only get support IF you have purchased a license? I think this is ridiculous, how do I get rid of this message, because I most certainly do not use Teamviewer for work purposes.

  • Had the impression that it is more relevant how many partners are in the list (in my case many due to playing with virtual instances etc.).
    Maybe both in a very "smart" algorithm.
  • Bankfodder
    Bankfodder Posts: 23 ✭✭

    Sorry but I don't really see how you can say they are being greedy. It's this software and they pay to develop it and they have to run the business. I think it is quite generous to let us use it for free. I don't use it commercially but it is very useful for supporting my family and one or two old people. If they had a cheaper personal level of subscription I'd be pleased to pay it.

    I hope that the current problem saying that commercial use has been detected is simply some kind of glitch and not a tightening up – otherwise I suppose I'll have to look for an alternative because I don't make any money out of it and I can't afford their rates

  • arcam10
    arcam10 Posts: 1
    I have a similar issue... kicked after less than 1 minute. I'm waiting for a response from from the staff.
  • jackjack
    jackjack Posts: 4

    Where are all Teamviewer's "certified" community managers?

  • Slegnor
    Slegnor Posts: 5

    @jackjack wrote:

    Where are all Teamviewer's "certified" community managers?

    Theyre currently unable to get logged in from home for more than 1 minute due to commercial use detection

  • jackjack
    jackjack Posts: 4

    @Bankfodder wrote:

    Sorry but I don't really see how you can say they are being greedy. [...] If they had a cheaper personal level of subscription I'd be pleased to pay it.

    You've pretty much answered your own question here...

  • Bankfodder
    Bankfodder Posts: 23 ✭✭
    I certainly didn't ask a question – and I'm afraid your responses are pretty poor response. I'll wait for you to try and come back with something a little bit more interesting
  • jackjack
    jackjack Posts: 4

    Ok, here goes... I would also be happy to pay some sort of "No interruptions Personal Use" license, if it was priced correctly. MS Office 365 offers a ton more functions and they charge $9 a month. So, $5 for Teamviewer? 

  • Bankfodder
    Bankfodder Posts: 23 ✭✭
    Thank you. I think this is a positive response and I agree with you in terms of the kind of charge. Frankly I would have thought a little lower – maybe an annual rate of $25. But anyway, I'm a bit surprised that they operate a completely free rate and then a business rate which is paid to do level to exclude most ordinary private users.

    There seems to be such a huge number of people using TeamViewer for private purposes that I would have thought it would be good business for them – but maybe they understand the profile of the users better than we do.

    I'm still waiting to hear from my support ticket about having my private use restored
  • Tegoide
    Tegoide Posts: 14

    Yeah, I am pretty sure the "smart" algorithm has been implemented by TV13 engineers since April 2018, according to the marketing people request. Wrong way to proceed

  • JanS
    JanS Posts: 1

    Dear Teamviewer Support,

    It seems that you resetted all the Teamviewer accounts, rendering them "suspected to be commercial", when in fact there is nothing to do with commercial use... we already communicated few years ago about it. I am helping friends online as I am the geek around that helps friends (freely) when they have a computer problem, and I tell them all to install Teamviewer as it's a great tool when they ask for "help !"... sic ;o(


    My laptop at home I use once a year to connect to my main computer has exactly the same behavior also if it was "opened" by your services many many years ago, it's a very old laptop, is still my main email laptop with old Thunderbird on it connected to my old Raq4 home server (from 2001) here at home (it's my Toshiba Portege R200 from 2001), and my actual laptop I bought second hand (as I could not afford more) with a broken screen at 300$ in 2009 (Manufactured in 2007) that I use as its still my main laptop (IBM ThinkPad x60s).


    Could you please renable them, as I had to help my father with Paint software few minutes ago (as well as this morning a friend in Paris that had to register on Google about the Privacy to request some URL to be removed) but I cannot use and help him to use this (Paint) Windows tool on his WinXP X60s laptop as well, as I am now limited to 1 minute to help... and that's definitely not possible to help my father that is 80 years old on his WinXP Thinpad x60 laptop remotely explaining him how to use Paint software to put some arrows and circles on a map he has to send to friends.


    My ID Toshiba R200 (from year 2001, WinXP) is : [ID removed per Community Guidelines]


    My ID x60s is (from year 2009, WinXP) : [ID Removed]


    Both these were "enabled" as for our older email exchanges to re-enable them to use Teamviewer. When I am travelling I read my emails remotely from my x60s, on the R200 laptop. Easier than opening the Email client on my x60s, that would take ages to receive the emails thru my home adsl connection connected to my Raq4.


    Thank you in advance, and have a lovely day,


    Best regards
  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 99 ✭✭
    How long did you have to wait? I've been waiting 17 days so far. In the meanwhile, one of my other PCs got this problem too so I guess I'll need to report that also and wait again.