Commercial use - Connection time out



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    I have the same problem to!!!

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    Teamviewer keeps forcing an almost immediate time-out from my personal use account whenever I access one of my two personal-use only remote computers, then provides a link to signup for a commercial account. Then it won't allow me to reconnect.

    I found the form to ask for a reset but it's asking for all sorts of unnecessary personal information, and then a strange "Generate PDF" button which just hangs/does nothing after I've tried pressing it several times...

  • EdwardUK
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    Double check your input. Some fields (for instance the zip/code field) is very strict on format which, if wrong, will not allow you to go to the next step (generate PDF).

  • Blackfire
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    When connecting to my home garage computer it will disconnect within 10 seconds. I have reinstalled but it does not help. Suggestions?

  • Georges_M
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    I am trying to connect to another remote user with FREE license but I kept getting disconnected within 1 minute

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    I have used teamviewer for years to help my mom with her computer problems. Recently it started timing out every time i try to use it. I was able to contact support, and they agreed that I'm not a business, and they would set my account to free use. it's still timing out and now I can't seem to be able to contact any kind of customer support. can anybody help me?

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    Me too, except I have not been in touch with support. I have been using Teamviewer privately to support my Sister and a friend for years. Now I keep getting timed out after less than sixty seconds. There is no mention of commercial use.

  • vk2cnn
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    I have been wrongly flagged to be a commercial user. I have been a amateur radio operator with some knowledge of computers. I have been help older radio operators with their computer problems here locally and abroad. As computers became part of radio operation nowadays, I have been a great helper to older radio operators who have problems using their computers as part of their hobby. I need to know how to request to reset management ASAP so I can keep help those in needs.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    Skip ahead +/- 1 week, and nothing has changed.

    Still the same error! Does Teamviewer actually see these topics? Or is this forum like a dead end?

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    I try to access the remote computer, but I am disconnected after a minute.

    Is free license gives only 1 minute ?

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    have exceeded the time duration for my license

  • Gminix54
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    I don't have a commercial usage but the system detect this.

    Could please someone help me to reset this ?


  • Xiaoshuai
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    Hi there,

    I am a researcher to use teamviewer to access to desktop to conduct research WITHOUT any commercial usage but the system detect this.

    Could please someone help me to reset this ?

    Many thanks

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    Good afternoon, when connected, it shows me commercial use and asks to contact you

    Id [removed per Community Guidelines]


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    When i connect to another computer it will let me in for less then 2 minuts then kick me off. Then when i go to log back in to connect to the computer it will not let me in. Is there some one that can help me with this i also have tryed to call the number to ask for help and they dont help.

  • Tony4554
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    Has anyone gotten a response how to get free TV to work without posting that I am commercial user when I am not? I get about 30 seconds of time then disconnected

  • macemace
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    I have a free account, and I only use it to remote in to my mom's PC to walk her through questions or show her how to do something. I am definitely not using this for any commercial

    What must I do to reassure/demonstrate that this account is staying within the requirements for eligibility for free usage?

    (and, from a security standpoint, I would be VERY interested to know if there has been activity suggesting that this account has been used more extensively. I believe my security practices and protections are strong, but I would certainly want to know if behavior seen from TV's perspective suggests otherwise).


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    i have the same problem

  • RickieD
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    Am experiencing the same issue. Have had no issue in the past and rarely use it but needed it today and cannot use it as it times out.

  • scottywatty
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    I have been trying to access my computer at home while traveling and it keeps kicking me off saying I appear to be using it for Commercial purposes, which is not true. What do I do?

  • gonzague58
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    I have had the same problem today when I tried to access my desktop PC from my phone

  • Fishtwig
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    I'm having this problem too! I got thrown out of the pc element of this and the phone end said I was not connected.

  • Jurtaani
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    i have had this issue today too.

    clearly their bot is running wild and probably been kicking everyone out.

    i didn't even get connected to my mothers computer longer than 2 minutes before they kick me out for commercial use.

    neither of us had opened the app in like a year and updated the client apps on both ends first, and with the latest 64 bit clients on the latest windows 10 versions we got kicked out.

  • ezpzsolutions
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    No matter how much you guys do, how many time you send a reset in, it is not going to change anything.

    If you try using a different laptop or desktop, as long as it is different hardware it will work. I believe they blocked your hardware ID. I logged into my account that I keep getting the commercial message from the original laptop I always used it on and I got kicked out within 1 minute. I log into the same account a minute later on a different computer, I can stay on and it doesn't kick me out.

    I know not many people would have a second laptop sitting around or lying around. If you do, I would suggest you to install TV and connect to your friends and family computer and give that a shot. You'll be amazed that it works perfectly fine and all the ranting and complaining will just get you nowhere.

    If you use new hardware and it still don't work then you can come back to me and say I am BSing and tell me to stop making up random BS to give users hope.

  • Marxhu
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    Why one of my devices blocked? I'm only registered 4 devices. But it said commercial used detected.

    I'm using this to remote controlling my own pc. Not for any commercial usage.

  • sirnono
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    exactly the same problem.

    How could this be resolved ? It is a bit annoying...


  • macemace
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    Not that I'm glad for the misfortune of others, but I am relieved to learn I'm not the only one this is happening to.

    In addition, although it's a remote risk, I would obviously be very interested if TV had logs showing activity on my account beyond that of which I'm aware.

    Thank you, ezpz, for the tip. If that works for me I'll at least be able to help my mom while TV is getting this sorted.

  • Sanju1110
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    I have tried reinstalling it it still doesn’t work.

  • aleniola
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    Same here

    I use TeamViewer (free) to access my computers but since yesterday I am disconnected after about 1 minute and get the following message :

    If I try to reconnect after the time indicated in the message, I will get that message again but with a different time for unblocking.

    Actually, I can't connect any longer hence TeamViewer is currently unusable.

    Can anyone help me fixing this ?