How do I receive my license for Blizz?

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Your license (activation code and additional information if needed) is included in the order confirmation e-mail sent after the purchase.

We recommend that you save this document so you will be able to reinstall your software and reactivate it as needed. In case of loss, you can request a copy of your license from our customer service.

You will receive an activation code in your invoice. In order to activate your Blizz license, you will need to have a Blizz account. Click here to sign in if you already have an account.

In case you don't have an account yet, click here to create it, you will see the below information to fill in. 

Pic 1.png

Note: If you already have a TeamViewer account, you can use it for Blizz as well, you can use this URL to sign in. 

Once you are logged in on your account, cick on the Activation Link that you reiceved on your invoice:

Pic 2.png

If you get prompted to enter your credentials once again, then please do so and once you log back in you should see a message indicating that your license has been activated. 

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Note: If you receive a message with the text "We could not verify if your account has been used on this browser before", please click here for more information.

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