This article applies to all blizz users and customers.


What is blizz?

blizz from TeamViewer keeps you connected to your contacts and global team through video, voice, instant chat messaging, screen sharing, and more on any device, anywhere!


Where can I download blizz?

You can download it from the blizz homepage at


Do I need to get a blizz account to use the application?

When you purchase a license, you will need to activate it on your account, therefore it is necessary to create a blizz account for all customers.

It is possible to host a meeting without creating an account. Please keep in mind, that such meetings are always unlicensed and will allow a maximum of 5 participants

A blizz account will allow you to use additional features such as scheduling meetingsadding contacts to your list and using the Blizz chat.


I already have a TeamViewer account, can I use it for blizz?

Yes, the same account can be used for blizz. You can access from the blizz Portal to administer your license. 


How do I start a blizz Meeting / Videocall / Audio call?

Check out this article where you will find a step-by-step on how to start your blizz meeting sharing your screen, as a video call or as a call. 


How can my participants join my blizz meeting?

Your participants can join a meeting using the blizz application, or a mobile device (Android & iOS)


Can I use blizz to organize Webinars?

Of course! Use blizz for your Webinars, and decide the level of interaction of your participants.

Also, blizz has been proven to act as an online education tool for school and universities.


Can I plan future meetings and re-use them?

Yes, it is possible to plan future meetings, re-use them or delete them after you host them.

You will need an account to use this feature. 

Find out how to plan a meeting here!


Do blizz meetings have a limited time?

There is no time restrictions with blizz, regardless of the license you can have a meeting open for as long as you need.


Licensing Questions 

If you are in doubt about which license to purchase, this article will help you choose the best license according to your needs.


I use blizz commercially but I don't need more than 5 participants, do I still need to purchase a license?

The "blizz free" package is available for everyone free of charge.

Keep in mind, that if you use the free version, we cannot provide technical support and you are missing out on features such as recording your meetings, reporting, and much more. 


How can I place an order for blizz?

Choose your license and fill in the requested details to complete your order. 


Can I record my blizz meetings and re-use the recordings as webinars?

Yes, this option is available with the Crew and Company licenses.


Can I keep track of who has joined my meeting and when?


Yes, this option is available with the Crew and Company licenses.


How does the blizz Subscription work?

During the purchase, you decide whether you would like a monthly or a yearly Subscription.

The yearly Subscription can save you up to 34% of the price of the license, whereas the monthly Subscription will give you the flexibility to terminate it monthly if you only need it for a period of time.

You can find a comparison of prices here.

How do I terminate my Subscription?

If you wish to cancel your subscription, this can only be done directly through the Customer Portal.

In the Customer Portal, click on Subscriptions and you will see the button to suspend it. By doing this, it will no longer auto renew next month or year respectively. 

Note: During your purchase, the Terms and Conditions inform you that your Subscription will auto renew automatically.


How can I get a quote and a trial license?

Contact our Sales Team and they will be glad to send you a Quotation and/or a Blizz trial license.


Which operating systems are supported for blizz?

Click on this article to find out if your Operating System is supported.


Which security mechanisms does blizz use?

All connections established by and with Blizz are highly encrypted (same standards as https/SSL). These encryptions methods are used by government institutions and financial institutions, are state-of-the-art and considered completely safe. Encryption is based on 2048bit RSA private/public key exchange and 256 Bit AES session encoding.


Can an organizer give the presenter role to one of the participants so they can show their screen?

Yes, this is possible with blizz, you can assign Organizer or Presenter role to one of your participants. 


Can I mute my participants?

Yes, it is possible to mute some or all your participants so that you can decrease the background noise.


Can I use VoIP and telephone on the same meeting?

Yes, blizz allows you to mix both VoIP and telephone on the same meeting, which is ideal when you have participatns with poor internet connection. Check out  a list of the Dial-in numbers!


Do I have to pay to use the Dial-in Numbers?

blizz does not charge you for using the dial-in numbers.

However, please consider your potential domestic rate costs with your service provider.


Can I synchronize blizz with Outlook to keep track of my meetings?

Yes, If you have Microsoft® Office installed on your device, you can enable the Office integration to make blizz even more convenient. Find out more here.


What can I do to improve my meeting experiences?

Check out the Audio in Blizz- Best Practices where you will learn some tips and ideas to improve your meeting experiences.

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