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This article applies to all platforms and users with a Premium or Corporate licenses.



Use channel groups to assign the TeamViewer channels of your license to users from your company profile. There are various use cases to bundle your use your company's TeamViewer channels into groups:

  • Bundle single TeamViewer channels and assign them to the respective users.
  • Reserve one or more TeamViewer channels for specific users.
  • Define how your license and the corresponding channels are used and by whom.
  • Receive a notification, if the channel limit is reached and no connections can be established. 

Administration_ChannelGroups (1).png

Example: You want to ensure that your IT support can always establish a connection. Do this by creating a channel group "IT support" and assign all support staff. They can use the selected number of channels at any time, regardless of the further use of your license.

Learn more about what an Addon Channel is here.


Create a channel group

In a channel group, you can provide the assigned users with a number of channels limited by your license.

To create a channel group, choose one of the following:

  • In the company administration 1 under General, click the ⚙ icon 2 followed by Create a channel group 3 at the desired license.Administration_ChannelGroups (1).png
  • Click Manage license in a user's profile. Then click the ⚙ icon and select Create channel group at the desired license.


Options of a channel group

For a channel group, it is mandatory to define a number of channels that can be used by the assigned users. The number of selected number of channels is then reserved for the selected users.

Create channel group.Create channel group.

Name Enter any name for the channel group in the text field.
Number of channels Specify how many channels are available to the channel group.
Assigned users Assign users to the group who are allowed to use the channels of the channel group.
Email notification Select users who will receive an email notification as soon as the specified number of channels prevents further parallel connection (channel limit).



Delete a channel group

If not needed any more, you can delete a channel group and make the reserved channels available for all licensed users again.

To delete a channel group, follow these steps:

  • In the company administration 1 under General, click the ✏ icon 2 followed by Delete at the desired channel group.Administration_ChannelGroups (1).png
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