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The TeamViewer user interface allows users to work in the most efficient way with TeamViewer.

How to activate the TeamViewer Interface from an older version

Hint: Reverting to the old user interface is not possible with version 14 anymore. 

You can activate the new client interface with just six easy steps if you are working with an older TeamViewer version:

1. Start your TeamViewer (with the old interface).

2. In the main menu, click Extras and choose Options. The Options Dialogue Box will open.


3. Select Advanced in the TeamViewer Options.

4. Tick the box next to Use new user interface.


5. Click the OK button in the lower right hand corner.

6. Restart TeamViewer to apply the new interface setting:

TeamViewer 13TeamViewer 13 

Hint: Learn more about the different options in the TeamViewer full version with the new user interface here.

What are the changes and benefits of the new interface?

1. Using the one-window interface allows you to focus on what is most important for you. Choose between the Remote Control, Meeting, Computers & Contacts or the Chat and see all relevant information in one window.

Note: TeamViewer will always restart in the tab you had open before closing the software

2. You can re-size the TeamViewer window into the size which is the most comfortable for you. Do you like it smaller or larger? Just choose your own best-fit.


Note: TeamViewer will restart always in the size, you defined before closing the software

Dark Mode

Note: Dark Mode is only available on TeamViewer version 14.0 and higher

TeamViewer offers now Dark Mode of your TeamViewer application.

To activate Dark Mode for your TeamViewer navigate to the TeamViewer settings by clicking on Extras --> Options --> General --> Choose a theme --> Dark

To deactivate Dark Mode again to see your TeamViewer in the regular mode, navigate to the TeamViewer settings by clicking on Extras --> Options --> General --> Choose a theme --> Light

dark mode setting.png

Hint: If you are using the macOS dark mode, the TeamViewer dark mode will be activated automatically.

Dark mode - video

Slim Mode

Note: Slim Mode is only possible with TeamViewer version 15.2 and higher

TeamViewer's Slim Mode allows you to resize your Computers & Contacts tab, so that the TeamViewer application takes up less screen space on your device. To activate, simply resize the TeamViewer window when you are on the Computers & Contacts tab, to best fit your use case:

slim-mode (2).gif


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